Bodi Bill – Tip Toe Walk (Siriusmo Remix)

Siriusmo has always been one to watch, not only because he is an EDM innovator/god, a prolific graffiti artists and a sythesis wizard but because everything he puts out is nothing short of unique. This remix of the Berlin post-rocker trio, Bodi Bill‘s Tip Toe Walk, is no exception and it retains that “unique” Siriusmo flavor. Siriusmo takes the alternative original and twists its, adding a pinch of psychedelic flavor. The result is exactly what you would expect from Siriusmo, catchy yet unexpected percussion, melodic yet trippy synth lines and an overall groove that is hard to ignore.

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Bodi Bill – Tip Toe Walk (Siriusmo Remix) by Sinnbus

While your at it grab Bodi Bill’s new album What on Itunes now!

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