Monarchy – I Won’t Let Go [Original + Bag Raiders Remix]

International mystery duo Ra Black and Andrew Armstrong, better known as Monarchy, are getting ready to release their new single “I Won’t Let Go” (featuring singer Rokhsan) on Moda Music.  The single is out April 11th with remixes by Bag Raiders, Mustang and Sam TibaMonarchy’s sound contains hints of disco, new wave + French House while always maintaining a pop sensibility.  “I Won’t Let Go” is a shimmering, shiny piece of dance-pop that will certainly bring them (back) into the spotlight just in time for their eagerly anticipated Coachella performance.

With the mystery that surrounds Monarchy, I do have one theory that I’ve come up with:  if you factor in the band’s keen pop sensibilities and couple that with a band member who goes by the name Ra Black…could Ra Black really be Rebecca Black?  Nobody’s ever seen Monarchy’s faces and their true identities have yet to be revealed.  For a band that makes other-wordly, seductive dance-pop, maybe making some mindless, over-the-top teen power pop is the perfect outlet for them.  It’s the most unsuspecting alter ego one could ever imagine.  Strangely, it all seems to add up.


Monarchy – I Won’t Let Go by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™

Monarchy – I Won’t Let Go (Bag Raiders Remix) by aRod | GottaDanceDirty™

The band has also confirmed that dancer Take Some Crime will be joining them up on stage for Coachella. See kids…I guess being single & living in your parents’ basement DOES pay off:




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  1. dudes, monarchy’s identity has been known for a while now.

  2. aRod says:

    i know. but for the sake of the joke, just go with it…

  3. admittedly, it would be quiteee the twist.

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