The Dirt #28: Porter Robinson

Better late than never but apologies to those of you who were anxiously awaiting The Dirt #28 this weekend. The good news is that none other than Porter Robinson gave me a hand with this (last?) week’s edition, carefully picking his ten must-listen tracks for our readers to indulge. Porter’s selections are accompanied by a detailed review of each track, giving us an in-depth look into the music and sounds that inspire his ground-breaking style of electro. Gotta Dance Dirty™ proudly presents The Dirt #28 featuring Porter Robinson right after the jump.

• Noisia – Red Heat [Beatport]
This song is immaculately detailed and totally energetic without being bass driven or using a four on the floor kick pattern. I don’t know of another song like it. Noisia are too good.

• Pendulum – The Vulture [DJDownload]
I love every single song from Pendulum’s Immersion album, but this is my favorite. I think people would expect me to prefer The Island Part II or Set Me on Fire because they resemble my music more, but I enjoy the Vulture for totally different reasons than why I enjoy my own music. That melody is freaking absurdly exciting.

• Wolfgang Gartner – Anthology (Madeon Mashup) [320!]
I have to include this mashup for a couple reasons: first, because it’s totally presentable and believable as an independent Wolfgang song, and second because otherwise I would have to include all the tracks that comprise it (Undertaker, Firepower, Fifth Symphony, and Illmerica) and then I’d have no more room on this list.

• BT – Le Nocturne De Lumiere [Beatport]
For being something that BT calls a “proof of concept” (for his metric convolution technique, which I’ll explain in a second), this song is pretty amazingly musical. “Le Nocture De Lumiere” should be pornographic for the true complextro fan. Although it’s not drop-oriented or face-meltingly powerful, the stuttery detail showcases BT’s amazing work ethic and acute attention to detail, and that should appeal to fans of my stuff. In the 11:39 version of the song, make sure to catch what happens from 6:33 to 6:48. It is, as far as I know, a completely unprecedented method of switching time signatures. Amazing.

• Nero – Me and You [Beatport]
The feel of this song is so unique. For me, it was an instant classic – one of those tunes that resonates with you on the first listen. It has that way-fun singalong quality while still being massively energetic.

• Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites [Beatport]
This was the song that really sold me on dubstep. The dubstep I had heard before this track wasn’t quite as energetic as modern complex electro. And although I hadn’t explored dubstep much before this, and while I’m confident there was great dubstep before this song, all you have to do is watch a crowd react to the “YES, OMG” and the drop to recognize that there’s something spectacular and unique about this song.

Oh, and the fucking monster wobble.

• Chemistry vs. Mikkas – Into You (Mikkas Remix) [DJDownload]
This song is such a staple in my set. Every single fan of Porter Robinson should be aware of this track. It’s exactly the sort of thing that I love: a trancey, beautiful hands-in-the-air breakdown with an anthemic melody to get folks excited, all leading into a FUCK-YOU drop. Everyone support this tune and keep an eye on Mikkas!

• Dinka – Elements [Beatport]
Chris Reece’s productions are magnificent. I have to thank Eduardo from Dirtyloud for (as well as many other things) introducing me to this song. There’s very few gems out there that make me experience that intangible feeling of euphoria from beauty alone, and this is one of them. Listen to it 5 times before judging. The melody is magnificent.

• Aaren San – Apes from Space (Dirtyloud Remix) [Beatport]
This song is just absolutely amazing. It topped the Beatport charts and DJs from all walks played it. In my opinion, the success of Apes from Space totally marked the beginning of the detailed-bass-music era. I can’t wait until everyone hears what Dirtyloud has on the way. It’s not even close to what you expect. As producers, Eduardo and Marcus are so freaking versatile. They’ve been sitting comfy at #1 on the Beatport Dubstep charts for weeks now with their first 140BPM release. Is there anything they can’t do?

• Pendulum – The Island (Madeon Remix) [Soundcloud]
Madeon is a long-time musical colleague of mine and a true genius. He’s sixteen years old and from France, and while that’s interesting and cool, don’t pigeonhole him into the “child prodigy” category or dismiss his tracks as mere “French house” for their funkiness. He won Pendulum’s remix contest for “The Island.” Rob Swire, the lead man of Pendulum, had something hilariously favorable to say about his win. I’m paraphrasing, but it was like, “This kid could seriously teach Daft Punk a thing or two.” Impressive production details ranging from the incredibly intricate and melodic climax (composed of entirely original sounds – no samples) to the vocal literally morphing into a dubstep wobble in the end of the track had me jealous for weeks.

The Dirt

Big thanks to Porter Robinson! Don’t miss his set this Saturday at Beyond Wonderland!!



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  1. Ted Gibson says:

    Get it together guys.

  2. Adam says:

    Happy St. Patty’s day

    Porter Robinson vs. Dropkick Murphys – Less Go Up to Boston!

  3. Charles says:

    I love download the dirt because there’s always really unique songs that aren’t that popular. Porter Robinson picked some old and very popular songs. You put skrillex in the dirt come on now…
    It shows how little Porter Robinson knows his electronic music too. He barely knows dubstep and barely knows his electro. Come on now..

  4. Vespyro says:

    Jeez, he was just asked to share tracks that interested him, they didn’t have to be the BRAND NEW UNHEARD tracks for all of the electronic music hipsters.

  5. Charles says:

    Defintley not a hipster. I just like my electro music and new electro music for that matter. Skrillex isn’t really that dubstep. Penedlum and Apes from space. Come on now that remix was number 1 on Beatport for the longest time.

  6. George says:

    you are an idiot dude, the dirt is supposed to be “whats your favorite music” not how much time do you spend on the internet looking for the newest track nobody has heard of. At least he has some interesting things to say about these tracks and obviously puts time into his answers

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