The Chemical Brothers Score New Film: “Hanna”

The Chemical Brothers have recently composed the score to forthcoming Saoirse Ronan thriller Hanna. Dropping next tuesday, the 20 track record ranges from the serenely mellow ‘Hanna’s Theme’ to acid infused ‘Escape Wavefold’ and the frenetic ‘Hanna vs. Marissa’. Not every track is a thumper, but that’s got to be expected from a film soundtrack, keep your eyes and ears peeled for ‘Container Park’, by far the most impressive track on the record.

The film itself is directed by Joe Wright, and stars Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, alongside Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana. Take a look at the trailer below, and be sure to grab Tom and Ed’s Essential Mix from back in ’95, which to this day remains one of the most versatile EM’s to grace the airwaves:

• The Chemical Brothers – Essential Mix [5 March 1995]

track listing:
01. Jean Jacques-Perrey – EVA
02. Meat Beat Manifesto – Cutman [Play It Again]
03. Schooly D – Housing The Joint [Jive]
04. Funkmaster Flex – Nuttin But Flavor [Wreck]
05. Spank Da Monkey – Down Side Up [Monkey Funk/Soul Trade]
06. Gunshot – Children Of A Dying Breed [Vinyl Solution]
07. John Schroeder – Money Runner [Polydor]
08. Jedi Nights – Funk You [Clear]
09. DJ Battery Brain – 8 Volts [Techno Hop]
10. Beastie Boys – 33% God [Capitol]
11. Bobby J – Check Out The Style [Stripped]
12. Double D & Steinski – History of Hiphop Part 1 [Tommy Boy]
13. Carlos Barrios – Can’t [After Dark]
14. Carlos Barrios – Doin It After Dark [ATCO]
15. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely HEart [ATCO]
16. Tim Love Lee – Again Son [Peace Feast]
17. Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock [Pandisc]
18. Khan – 4E [Force Inc/Music Works]
19. Evolution – The Link EP
20. The Chemical Brothers – Leave Home [Junior Boys Own]
21. DJ Who – Give A Little More [Defective]
22. Xpando – To A Nation Rockin [Metro]
23. Emmanuel Top – Lobotomie [Nova Mute]
24. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows [Parlophone]
25. God Within – Daylight [Hardkiss Music]
26. The Chemical Brothers – Life Is Sweet [Junior Boys Own]
27. Patrick Pulsinger – City Lights [Disko B]
28. Colourbox – Edit The Dragon [4AD]
29. The Specials – You’re Wandering Now [Chrysalis Music]




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