Martin Solveig – Hello (Gotsú Ongeslís Remix)

What’s up fellow dirty dancers? GDD homies Gotsú Ongeslís (Yo Bill & Mr. Anderson) have just finished up their entry for the Beatport remix competition of Martin Solveig‘s Hello. The remix is just what you would you would expect from these two tech-house heads, a fat kick drum, a funky groove and an overall good vibe.

Martin Solveig – Hello (Gotsú Ongeslis Remix) by Gotsú.Ongeslís.

Head over here and give their remix a play for the contest!

Download it here!

Martin Solveig – Hello (Gotsú Ongeslís Remix)

And while your at it, grab their massive Chase & Status Remix!

Chase & Status feat. Delilah – Time (Gotsú Ongeslis Remix) by Gotsú.Ongeslís.

Download it here!

Chase & Status ft. Delilah – Time (Gotsú Ongeslís Remix)

“It seems today everyone is trying to be so cool and taking techno so seriously while we just have fun and forget genres. ”
-Gotsú Ongeslís

Always with love,



4 Responses to Martin Solveig – Hello (Gotsú Ongeslís Remix)

  1. aRod says:

    YES. totally diggin’ both remixes.

  2. a nonny miz says:

    yeah not diggin it.. at all.

    im all for saying fuck it to genres and not being binded by labels..
    however, this is just plain BORING.

  3. SweetFA says:

    The Chase & Status is a biggie. Nice one

  4. I feel youu says:

    I feel you, on that… I kinda thought the same thing when i first heard it on my laptop with no bass…. but with some decent speakers the bassline seems to carry the tune quite decent :/ ?

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