GDD™ Interview with Glasnost + New Track “Corridor” (and Remixes)

In our 2010 Roundup, the good Dr. Schlongo & I included a section in our post entitled “Big in 2011: The Sounds of the Future”, which listed artists we predicted would have monster 2011s.  One band included on that list (and delivering thus far on our prediction) are dance rockers GlasnostGlasnost are releasing their new single, “Corridor”, via Robot Dance Records this week and the single includes a superior trio of remixers:  Midnight ConspiracyNightWaves & Kids at the Bar.  They’ll also be doing live shows @ at SXSW, so if you are gettin’ down at SXSW this year, be sure to catch them here.

Along with “Corridor” and the remixes below, be sure to go onto their Soundcloud and check out the stellar lineup of remixes Glasnost has done for Metric, Tiga, La Roux and many others (the Rick James one is super dope).  After the tuneage, meet the band and check out the interview…

Brandon Duhon: Lead Vocals, Synth, DJ, Composer & Producer
Dan Le: Synth, Backing Vocals, DJ, Producer
Lance Bridges: Bass and Lead Guitar
Jeffery Nordin: Percussion

GDD™: It’s tradition to start off a Gotta Dance Dirty™ interview by asking what your drink of choice is…
BD: Soda, anything w/lots of sugar.  Let’s maybe ask someone with a tougher response than that one.
LB: Well, I do have a beer in my hand.  Brown baggin’ a PBR.
JN: I have a more specific drink – something I call AppleBock.  It’s one half mixture of apple juice and Shinerbock.
Unidentified voice: A little bit toddler, a little bit 21.
DL: Whiskey on a good day, water on a bad day.

GDD™: Very nice. So it looks like you guys are all set for the release of your new single, “Corridor”.  What can you tell us about that?
BD: Yeah, the release is in conjunction with a local magazine called Role A|F|M.  We did a big warehouse release party and the single is out this week.

GDD™: How is the new album coming along?
BD: It’s still in the works.  It’s definitely closer to finished than started.  There were a few changes along the way, a little bit of lineup change.  So we are shooting for late Spring, early Summer.

GDD™: How did the changes in the band affect your guys’ sound?  Brandon, you’re the main songwriter in the band, correct?
BD: Yes, I am.  But a lot of the time it’s written with ideas of the members who are involved.  We definitely want it to be where each member contributes to the album in one way or another.  Before we had a band member who played a lot more bass, whereas our newer member Lance leans more toward guitar than bass.  So those things changed up the sound a little bit.
DL: Even with the lineup changes we’ve definitely been able to adapt in different ways and still have our sound come across how we like it and then hopefully how the crowd enjoys it.
GDD™: So you guys are like Spinal Tap, basically…you mysteriously lose band members and are able to adapt.
JN: Yes, occasionally our drummers do explode and turn into goo.

GDD™: Sounds like you guys have a pretty busy SXSW schedule coming up.
BD: We do.  This will be our 3rd year at SXSW.

GDD™: Not a lot of artists fuse together genres quite the way Glasnost does, blending electronic + rock.  How did this fusion of sound originate?
BD: Our sound originated from from a cassette tape made up of a bunch of snippets of songs that had all sorts of different sounds on it.  It had a lot of straight up post punk stuff that was a lot more guitar oriented and then some synthy dance songs. We all listened to it together and figured out what everyone was feeling and what we were excited about, just to get an idea of where the band zeitgeist was headed towards.

GDD™: Where did you guys all meet?
BD: Well Dan and I are the only originals.
DL: Lance used to play in a local favorite band of ours and they disbanded, so the timing worked out well.
JN: I came from Craigslist!  I saw the ad…I didn’t know what synthpop was.  I come from a progressive metal and death metal background.  But I’m glad I gave it a shot because so far it’s been a lot of fun.
BD: Jeff’s been a great fit.  His style fits surprisingly well.
GDD™: Were there a lot of interesting applicants?
BD: OH YEAH.  Before I sang, I was the drummer and we actually did a Craigslist post for a singer.  We did sort of an American Idol-style tryout and had people come in and sing over the tracks and we couldn’t find anyone who sounded like what we were shooting for.  So I just kinda took over more out of necessity.
DL: That was a very weird chapter in Glasnost.  That whole process of trying out singers was awkward.  Not sure why we didn’t key in on the obvious and just have Brandon sing earlier.  He was doing the songwriting.

GDD™: One of my favorite things about Glasnost is that you guys seem to be equally passionate and focused on being a band as you are on being DJs and remixing.  Would you say that’s a pretty accurate assessment?
BD: Oh yeah, definitely true.  It just sort of sprung up, it wasn’t our intention to be sort of double sided like that.  I’ve been part of this online site for a long time now where a bunch of DJs share all kinds of different tracks and they had a bunch of acapellas available and I just started doing remixes from that.
DL: And it just comes from our love of music in general. Plus, it’s always cool to work with someone else’s tracks.

GDD™: Your remixes seem to have a good balance between a pop & club sound.  Is there any formula you guys shoot for when you are remixing?
BD: We have different hats that we were.  My forte is the composition.  Dan is really good at all the sound design + engineering.  We have a formula where I do my thing and then just pass it on to the next person and it seems to work well for us.  We definitely try and keep a pop element to our remixes.

GDD™: So the question that always has to be asked…who are some of your guys’ influences?
(Everyone):  Definitely all the post punk stuff..
LB: Robert Smith.
DL: Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, disco
BD: One of my original influences for vocals is the lead singer of the band The Chameleons, that’s sort of who I modeled myself after.
JN: My all time favorite drummer is Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, some highly technical progressive metal stuff.  Neil Pert, of course.  In a live setting, my biggest and most interesting task is trying to make it an interesting and compelling live drum experience that has the metronomic qualities of synthesizer drums but also has the warmness of real instruments.

GDD™: So have you guys done any West Coast touring?
BD: We’ve only done tours in the Midwest.  We’d love to come out to California. Music wise they seem to dig the sound we’re into much more.
GDD™: Well I hope you guys make it out to the West Coast, there’s lots going on.  Final question for you – do you guys dance dirty?
Everyone: YES!  You gotta, you just gotta.
DL: That’s the only way.




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