I know what you’re gonna say… Coachella starts in 38 days, right? Well piss off, ’cause Papa Sven doesn’t care, ’cause his set will start in 40 days as the legendary grandpapi of techno will take the turntables on Sunday, sporting real vinyl nonetheless, and set the Sahara Tent ablaze. A true visionary, indubitably one of the most respected figures in dance music for decades now, Sven Väth may not even register on a lot of your dirty dancing radars. Well, my children, now’s the time to ACHTUNG BABY (pay attention) and get your education not only on the music, but how to party as well. At the age of 46 Papa Sven is still hands down one of the wildest party animals on the scene, gigging all over the world, hosting a massively successful and tenured party night in Ibiza, owning the most mind-blowingly future-tastic club I’ve ever been to (Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, Germany) and being the proprietor of the exceedingly successful Cocoon Records.

Sven Väth is first and foremost a world-class disc jockey, and therefore I’m bestowing upon you a recent set of his from the 2010 Time Warp Festival. Seriously, just take my word for it and in exactly 40 days make sure your ass is parked in the Sahara Tent at Coachella for what promises to be a life-changing experience.

SVEN VÄTH LIVE @ Time Warp, Mannheim Germany

1. Julian Jeweil – Tournicoti
2. Plasmic Honey – Jungle
3. Julien Jeweil – Amore
4. Gaiser – Flashed
5. Die Vögel – Blaue Moschee
6. Size – Yeah
7. Electric Rescue – Crazy People
8. Pan Pot – Confronted (Dahlbäck & Beyer Remix)
9. Alan Fitzpatrick – Face Of Reaction
10. Joris Voorn – The Secret
11. B.D.I. – City & Industry




  1. thomas says:

    dudes get on this. brings some decks to the campgrounds and get him spinnin all night. would be legendary!

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