GDD Exclusive Track/Mix & Interview from Dark & Stormy

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an exclusive little treat for all of you. Dark & Stormy (aka John Morabito) has produced an exclusive track and put together an exclusive mix just for your ears! Dark & Stormy, the Boston underground sensation has been turning heads with his progressive and dark tech-house style. His tracks are well constructed, complete with complex percussion and dark synth lines that will no doubt get your head bobbing.  John’s unique musical productions contain a huge amount of energy and at the same time will satisfy your techno fix.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the interview, pick up his exclusive mix and exclusive track below!

GDD: First and foremost, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with use.
D&S: Thanks to you too Tre, this is a great opportunity and it was my pleasure to work on this.
GDD: Prior to producing EDM, you had been writing music for years, with various bands, how would you compare writing music for a band with producing your own EDM track?
D&S: When I would write a song for my band it would fall into one of two categories. First was the compromising category where I was cool with whatever someone else came up with as a part for the song. It was more of a collaborative effort. However, the other half of the time I had a specific vision for what I wanted for the song. This really reached a high point when I finally became proficient enough to get my point across on any instrument. For these reasons I feel like the transition was really easy. I had been playing the drums, bass, keys and guitar on all sorts of demos I was working on, so when I started making EMD it was sort of liberating to not have to run back and forth between the 4 track and behind the drum kit.
GDD: Over the course of our correspondence, you mentioned that you produced more “on the go,” as opposed to setting aside specific studio time. Since your not setting aside specific time to produce, would you say that your a producer who thrives off of inspiration of the moment? What about experimentation? Concerning your own production, would you say that the two go hand in hand?
D&S: Yes, I would definitely say that I thrive on inspiration of the moment. For years I was really influenced by a quote from an artist named Chuck Close: “Inspiration is for amateurs. I just get to work.” This idea prevailed in my work for a long time, whether it was my photography, art, or music. More recently, I came to the conclusion that I’m far more excited about what I’m making when it just happens naturally. As for experimentation, I do think they go hand in hand. Often my inspiration happens when I’m just going through a bank of VST patches to hear what I have or what I can play with, and then I hear one phrase as I mess around and the whole song sort of lays itself out in my head as if it were a picture I had seen before. The songs I’m most proud of happened at the least likely of times.
GDD: How would you describe the music scene in Boston, MA? How was this esoteric scene specifically influenced your production and your own musical outlook?
D&S: The music scene in Boston is pretty hard to put into words. The less mainstream EDM events that I enjoy take place in more D.Y.I. places or lounges/bars in the outlying parts of Boston like Cambridge and Allston. There’s also only one club in Boston that’s open after 2 am and it draws in some big DJ’s so that’s always a good time. An event in Cambridge called Make It New is my favorite of all the weekly nights in Boston and definitely my biggest influence locally. It’s a Tech House/European Techno weekly event that has fresh new music and brings in a really eclectic crowd. I’m happy to say that lately there’s been a lot more of an appreciation for the scene here in Boston thanks to the Together Festival which is a yearly arts and electronic music festival. But spending time in Italy this summer and New York City over the past two summers was definitely more influential to my sound.
GDD: I know its a tough and very generic question, but I’m curious, who in the EDM scene is your biggest influence at the moment? And who should we all look out for?
D&S: You’re right, this is a tough question! As of the moment I’m really into Marco Carola. He is definitely my one of my favorite DJ’s and quite possibly favorite producer. Other key influences range from artists like Justin Martin to Richie Hawtin and labels such as Made to Play, Hotfingers, DirtyBird and Minus. Hotfingers is a label that if you haven’t already heard I highly recommend.
GDD: What’s next for Dark & Stormy?
D&S: I have two releases coming up on Roja Records and MiniGroove Records, which I’m really excited about but I’m definitely looking forward to working with even bigger and more established labels in the future. Also I hope to start traveling more and take the show on the road!
GDD: Loving this mix mate, how would you describe this exclusive mix you threw together for us?
D&S: I want you to feel like your dipping your toes in the water standing in the sands of Ibiza, as the sun sets. Also Charlie Sheen is there to party with you. Winning!
GDD: Finally, with the rapid growth in technology and the growing popularity of EDM, where do you see Electronic Dance Music in 5 years?
D&S: When it comes to the future of the EDM scene I’m really hopeful. Last year Electric Zoo out sold Coachella for the fist time ever. The people have spoken and the scene is here to stay.

Grab his exclusive GDD mix here!

Dark & Stormy – Sheen It All Mix

Track List:
Feel It – Dark & Stormy
Formula Juan (Original Mix) – Audiofly
The Mall (Original Mix)- Alessio Mereu
We Come In Peace – Francesco Assenza
More (KINK Remix)- Riva Starr & Starr Traxx
Cicadas (Maya Jane Coles Remix)- Tom Middleton
Work (Original Mix)- Rafael Kakudo
Chopped (Original Mix)- Kruse Nuernberg
Tam Tam (Original Mix)- Marshall (Aka Luigi Rocca)
Le Moustique (Original Mix)- Sebastien Leger
Uack- Dark & Stormy

Grab his GDD Exclusive track!

Dark & Stormy – Feel It

Also grab this track from our boy!

Dark & Stormy – Yo Soy Sexy (Club Mix)

While your at it, peep Dark & Stormy’s stream only tracks on soundcloud!


Rasta House by DARK & STORMY

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