For those of us fortunate enough to be headed to the desert in exactly fifty days, if you’re not already excited then please allow me to light a fire inside of your dirty dancing little loins. Every ten days until the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, CA I will be bringing you tracks by five must-see artists. First up we have five tracks from the godfather of liquid d&b, Mr. Lincoln Barrett, now and forever known to you as High Contrast. If your girlfriend is begging you  to see Kanye on Sunday night, and festival purveyors Goldenvoice happen to have scheduled Link at the same time, let me give you some advice: break up with her. *Here’s why…

High Contrast – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [classic]

High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Underworld ft. High Contrast – Scribble [top 10 songs of 2010]

Tiësto – Kaleidoscope (High Contrast Remix)

Calvin Harris – Ready For The Weekend (High Contrast Remix)
*all tracks in 192kbps

Make sure you grab those all in their 320 glory off Beatport. If that doesn’t convince you (unless she’s an absolute 10, fellas, a TEN) then you’re a lost cause my friend. And ladies, if it’s your boyfriend begging you to stay so he can fist pump with his bros to Kanye’s ‘Flashing Lights,’ just tell him High Contrast has a remix of that in the arsenal as well.

While these tracks may be a bit dated it’s because he’s currently working on another full-length album for your listening pleasure. Having won awards for Best Producer, Best Album, and Best Liquid DJ at the National D&B Awards you can surely expect one hell of a show.



Dusted off his trusty old Essential Mix, which won the 2007 EM of the Year Award, so you could really get an idea of how magnificent this legend truly is.

High Contrast BBC Radio One Essential Mix




  1. Tron Jeremy says:


  2. dirt mcgirt says:

    damn you cam!

  3. Danimal says:

    Yeessssss. Awesome post Matt! Next up Breakage?

  4. dirt mcgirt says:

    i’m gonna try to cover the full range of EDM over the course of 5 posts. 5 tracks for 50 days, 4 tracks for 40 days, 3-30, etc.

  5. Stan says:

    Does anyone else think it would be rad if one of the coachella days was designated a GDD day and we all rep our shit that day?

  6. jonahberry says:

    That’s a great idea Stan! We’ll definitely plan something out closer to the date. Follow us on Facebook if you don’t already so you’ll know what day it will be! Thanks!

  7. ciddic says:

    High Contrast has a lot better tracks than the ones posted, except “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” (definitely up there with his classics). His album “High Society” would be a contender for top 100 electronic albums of all time. I can seriously listen to that album anytime! Also, his 2007 essential mix was alright, nothing great imo. Now his 2003 essential mix is LEGENDARY. There are a few essential mixes that are just untouchable and his 2003 EM is one of them. He changed the game of liquid dnb with that mix!

  8. dirt mcgirt says:

    ciddic the post was more to give people a bit of an intro to high contrast, and i felt those remixes, plus the underworld collaboration were more accessible to our readers who may not be familair with d&b or HC.

  9. bones says:

    ‘High Contrast – Pink Flamingos’ is a monumental track for me.

  10. ciddic says:

    No doubt! Any exposure to HC is good exposure!

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