BetatraXx – The “X” EP

Whether you know it or not, You’ve been waiting for this release.  In a time where hard-hitting electro gets lost in the deep muck, Tim Nelson (BetatraXx) has found a way to orchestrate quite the symphony of dirty, grungy beats.  This is the largest release of his to date, and he wants to give it all to you for free.  Because sharing is caring, and music like this needs to invade the inter-web.  There can’t be any 128 kbps versions lurking around because that would be sin of epic proportions.

“This Album is called The X EP.  I considered doing a label release for it because I’ve had some great interactions with some boutique labels recently but I decided against it for this one. This is the biggest collection of originals I’ve ever released. Because of how important this music is to me I want to make sure that it reaches as many people as possible.  I’ve asked my fans to all share these tracks on their facebooks/twitters/etc.  6 free tracks for one FB post is a fair trade I think.  I had my CD release party on February 10th in LA with Gotta Dance Dirty and here is a short video from that”   -BetatraXx

The X EP by BetatraXx

BetatraXx (live) w/ NiqG @ The Central In Santa Monica for the “X” Release party  (quality is pretty funky)



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