John Dahlback – Winter EP

Ladies and Gentlemen, John Dahlback is back (no, not doback) and his new EP Winter is fire! Full of progressive house tunes that are guaranteed to give you that coveted warm feeling in your chest. This two song EP is beautifully constructed and both songs carry a groove that is nothing short of exceptional.

Don’t sleep on this one folks, this EP is the perfect treat to get you through the rest of your winter.

John Dahlback – Winter by GDD-Tre

My take on the tracks:
‘Winter’ – This tune builds you up and drops you into that dark beat undertone that is so rare these days.
‘Pour Te’ – This track is a gem. Dahlback’s synth lines are well produced, sustained and complex.

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  1. Al says:

    Please Please Please get him for control! 😀

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