Egyptian Freedom + Bassnectar ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ Remix

The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian (Bassnectar’s 2003 Remix)

In solidarity with the Egyptian people, Bassnectar was nice enough to share this secret weapon he created a few years back with us, with these words:

“It is a big deal that the Egyptian people, under strict rule of an unjust dictator, found courage and conviction to unite together and stand up to an aggressor, against all odds. It is extra special that this uprising was fueled by the internet.

A few hours after hearing the news that Egypt was becoming a democracy, I was sitting on a plane next to my buddy Tamer, who is Egyptian, and the joy in his face was electrifying. He was beaming and I thought maybe it would be fun to dust off this old tune and huck it out into vapor space.  Here you go.”

So, in solidarity with both his gesture and the freedom-seeking global youth we align ourselves with, we post this remix on his behalf and on the behalf of the courageous Egyptian people.  Whether sharing electronic music, information or ideas, do all you can to keep the internet free and remind the world that our generation creates and will continue to create the technology that allows us to organize, govern ourselves and keep us free.  Enjoy the remix and read his full blog post here.

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  1. Rich says:

    You guys are starting to slide a bit, I posted this the week before last.

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