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In late 2008 the Foamo House Party Mix quickly became one of my all-time favorite mixtapes. Even though my musical palette has moved on and diversified tremendously since then we will always have the memories. Now though, Foamo is doing his best to rekindle the fire we once shared, and allow me to say after 48 minutes of aural pleasure he’s doing a damn fine job of sweeping me off my feet again. He recently released (like 12 hours ago) a mix to celebrate the launch of, the new website for all things foamy. The man is a stellar DJ, a producer of diverse musical stylings, and word has it an all-around good guy. So click on the media player above, download the mix, turn it up loud, run yourself a hot little bath, and just add the bubbles.

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  1. Reese says:

    WTB tracklist!

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