Dada Life + Pance Party

We’ve already given away tickets earlier this month to see some of your favorite producers like JFK and The Twelves, but how about a pair to the sold out 18+ Dada Life and Pance Party show this Thursday at Ruby Skye in San Francisco? Just leave a comment on this facebook thread with your favorite Dada Life tune for a chance to win. We have at least two more (18+) giveaways coming up this month so make sure you’re dialed into our facebook page and as always, thanks for reading.

Boemklatsch – To The Future (Pance Party Remix) [Purchase]
Dada Life – White Noise/Red Meat (Radio Edit) [Purchase]



4 Responses to Dada Life + Pance Party

  1. Austin says:

    You seem to be forgetting half of the artists at the show! Realboy & Dynamics are playing a two hour Ableton Live set together. They posted a picture of their setup last night online, looks like they’re busting out a JazzMutant Lemur for this one

  2. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    Hey Austin, my apologies, I didn’t mean to forget nor snub you guys. Send me the link to this setup, tronjeremy at

  3. Simi says:

    *Bark* *Kick* …*Lick*

  4. Phill says:

    Simi get off the damn internet.

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