HARD FRESH MEAT MONDAYS: Simian Mobile Disco – Fugu

To kick start the mountain of EDM events to come this year, GDD™ has been given the exclusive weekly on something special. Simian Mobile Disco and HARD have teamed up to bring you new tracks from the band’s private reserve each monday leading up to HARD weekend. (Of course it was only fashionable to get started a day late the first week, but this giveaway is worth the wait…) First up, we have for you the full length track “Fugu” from SMD’s brand new album Delicacies.

Simian Mobile Disco – Fugu √+

…and dont forget to grab your tickets for HARD Weekend, happening March 11th – 19th!



3 Responses to HARD FRESH MEAT MONDAYS: Simian Mobile Disco – Fugu

  1. bowchickabow119 says:

    wow that Egyptrixx live set might convince me to start going to HARD events again

  2. jonahberry says:

    sickkk rad flyer trev!

  3. dirt mcgirt says:

    is FB really billed below skream & benga? what has the world come to…

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