Jaymo & Andy George unveil Fake Blood’s ‘Medieval’

To cap off a massive year, BBC Radio 1’s dynamic duo Jaymo & Andy George released a power packed mix for MixMag and Moda, equipped with some of the “biggest tunes of 2010 and beyond.” Aside from the greats we already know and love, the London boys premiered Fake Blood‘s newest creation – “Medieval”. This tune makes you wanna turn a renaissance festival into a HARD festival. Speaking of – I can feel that we’ll be seeing more new greatness from Fake Blood this year, as he will be one of the headliners for the upcoming HARD Weekend, being held on March 11th-19th, in Oakland, Los Angeles, and New York City. (*This is not the full track, only a 320 rip from the full mix, so be on the look out for the actual release of the full track!)

Fake Blood – Medieval √+




2 Responses to Jaymo & Andy George unveil Fake Blood’s ‘Medieval’

  1. Danl says:

    Sure, I’m excited for this song. But it sounds like more of the same from Fake Blood. This song is actually surprisingly similar to “Vampires” which he made while he was still DJ Touche. Great song just-not anything too new.

  2. DJ Princeps says:

    does anyone have a download link for the full MixMag mix this was featured in?


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