Back with the one of his dirtiest to date, Potty Mouth’s own TJR has teamed up with vocalist DJ Gant-Man to release their “Juke It.” The full length EP is perfect for the versatile DJ set, equipped with the radio mix, original vocal mix, dub mix, and his own “TJR For The Heads” Remix. This track is down right fire and is essential for those who wanna drop the vocal mix in a more mainstream set, or drop the dub mix amongst the experienced dirty dancers (Not to mention his own remix for when you wanna set all systems to rave). Check out the booty smackin’ video above, and make sure to grab the full EP – which was just released today on Beatport

TJR feat DJ Gant-Man / Juke It EP / (LO-FI Preview) Original + Remix by TJR

Grab the ‘Juke It’ EP on Beatport!


To show the homie love that we have with TJR, he has given us the premiere release of his new remix for Thomas Bangalter’s ‘Spinal Scratch,’ as well as his groovy bootleg of The Doors ‘Riders On The Storm.’

Thomas Bangalter – Spinal Scratch (TJR’s Bang Bus Remix) Exclusive!

TJR – Stoners On The Storm √+




5 Responses to TJR – Juke It : BIG BOOTY BASS

  1. TJR says:

    thanks Bones!

  2. Danl says:

    I forsee a wave of jukin’ music in the near future…

  3. Well shit. I saw the Bangalter track on Hypem and was thinking “no way, a remix of Spinal Scratch? This has to suck.”
    I was wrong.

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