Good day, troop. I recently had a chat with Danny Daze, a name that you might see floating around the interwebs as a member of Discotech and Señor Stereo. The dude was nice enough to send us a couple exclusive solo tracks which are more on the Deep/Tech House tip, so here it goes…

GDD: Hey Danny. Glad I could pull you out of the studio to chat for a bit. How’d you ring in the New Year?

DD: YO! Brought in the New Year at Sens (SF). At 12:15 a.m. some douche decided to fight behind the DJ both, totally pissed me off. I wanted to urinate on him. Other than that, I had a great time.

GDD: Now it’s a GDD tradition that if the first drink is on us, what’ll it be?

DD: Make that water please. Been feeling pretty good ever since I stopped the dranky drank.

GDD: Maybe people reading this aren’t familiar with you, but let’s just say your mom didn’t just buy you a laptop and Serato six months ago. When did it all start for you?

DD: I unfortunately started DJing when I was 13. Exposed to this stuff at that age isn’t the best thing ever, but I’ve learned quite a bit. I’d do a house party to make $200 then go spend that money on Nuloop or Juno (online records shops) … started making music around the same time just messing around with Fruity Loops.

GDD: Being a young kid in the game was probably tough. Did you find a lot of the older guys giving you a hard time, or did they take you under their wing? Who were some of the DJs/producers you looked up to?

DD: At that age I definitely had a hard time getting into the scene, but I finally broke through playing at the Full Moon parties at a random arcade/gaming castle right behind Mall of the Americas. Some of the cats I looked up to locally were lots of guys in the IDM scene. Schemtaic Records, Phoenecia, Otto Von Schirach, Dj Stryke, Dj Wreck. There were also the cats over seas like Anthony Rother, Thomas Schumacher, I-F, Alden Tyrell, Dave Clarke, Miss Kitten & The Hacker who I was obsessed with. I’d literally spend $100 on one white label record I was looking for. (For example Shiver – Dr. Break). A bit later on when I got into house I made it a point to research and go back to Chicago house. Really trying to fit that classic 808 house sound into my sets.

GDD: I imagine the Miami scene then was just slightly different than the models and bottles thing it is now. I saw that picture you posted on your Twitter a few weeks back… those were some killer JNCOs man. How do you rate Miami as being the place where you launched your career?

DD: Hahaha, I was rockin JNCO’s and army shirts AAAALLL DAAAY! Miami has definitely changed. The underground scene is slowly coming back thanks to Electric Pickle and other downtown venues. Most venues don’t wanna take risks with their bookings. I credit Miami with having a real fresh party scene but my inspiration definitely came from Detroit & Germany. Big ups to 2 Live Crew though.

GDD: I’ve heard stories about some of the raves you used to play at. Again, slightly different vibe when the people showing up didn’t find out about the party via Facebook Event invites. Did you have to do a lot of street promoting to get people to come out, or were people generally plugged into what was going on?

DD: Man I wish those “word of mouth” parties still existed. The monthly Full Moon party obviously happened during every full moon, but there were other spots like I/O Lounge (aka Vagabond) Soho Lounge and Picadilly (aka The District) that would have a party just pop up the day of & it would be slammed. Most of the parties were word of mouth. I miss that. I do see it coming back around though now that some of the younger cats have busted their saw-tooth electro blog haus load and are enjoying some of the deeper stuff.

GDD: Fast forward to 2011. You’ve had big success with DiscoTech, and more recently, Señor Stereo, all the while putting out original stuff under your name. What’s going on with each project? Is one getting put on the back-burner?

DD: I’m constantly working on something. Lately it’s been my solo stuff and Señor Stereo. The Señor Stereo stuff will take some time as we are making it a live show. Therefore, we need to be in demand enough to get booked to do live acts. My solo stuff is going very well. Got releases & remixes coming out consistently. I completely suck at networking though. I need to get out of the studio waaaaaay more. If anyone out there wants a new token nerd friend give me a holler.

GDD: I saw that The Krays put ‘I Am The Beat’ off the Señor Stereo Unintentional EP on their ‘Top 10 of the year’. Did you run around your bedroom with your hands over your head or what?

DD: Haha. We are very excited that people are noticing the music but we really try to keep moving forward. That song was produce about 2 years ago so we’re just very happy people are diggin’ our stuff. Hopefully we can keep pushing the envelope.

GDD: Shifting to your solo work, how is it translating the influences of Detroit techno, Chicago house, Italo disco, Uncle Al, and Afro-cuban into something that doesn’t sound completely awful?

DD: With every track I make I tend to gravitate to my influences. Weather it’s “I Am The Beat” having an Italo Disco-ish rolling bass line to vocals referencing the late Aaron Carl from Detroit. I find myself having to focus way more in keeping the song a certain style and not adding too many influences which might mud it up. Right now, an artist I see as a lot of what I want to do is Superpitcher. Dude’s all over the board with his music and it’s all 100% on point.

GDD: Tell us about the track you’re giving to us today.

DD: I’ve always wanted to remix this track. This original came out in 99-00. It’s a remix of Detroit Grand Pubahs – Sandwhiches. Just wanted to give it a decade later re-rub. I have a feeling the older cats might dig this one. “Jacked” it up a bit.

GDD: What else do you have coming out? You working on any collaborations?

DD: We have the Señor Stereo remix EP on Slow Roast Records out TODAY! We got remixes by Nadastrom, Treasure Fingers, U-tern, Gigamesh, Craze, Salva. Also have a new track called “BAHBAhBah” w/ 2 remixes by Oscar G & Eric Volta coming out on Nervous Records. Also collabing on a remix with DJ Godfather for some remixes to his older tracks that will be coming out on the Dirtybird label. Then I have Ghetto Fab, DownHer, & LOVE . Be on the look out for those. I’ll also have a couple tracks coming out that were collabs with Richard Zarate and Clockwerk as well.

GDD: I think you’d agree with me that fist-pumping electro lost some popularity towards the end of 2010. As trends seem to come and go, who do you think are some producers to watch out for this year?

DD: Seems like music is turning back the clock. Slow and sexy is where 2011 seems to be going. Check out the Hot Creations, Wolf + Lamb, OCSID record labels. I can give you more but then I’d have to kill you.

GDD: OK, last question – if we spot you in a club, will we see you dancing dirty?

DD: Only if you consider me rolling around in 600 packages of Emergen-C dirty… then yes. Mos def!

GDD: Thanks for your time Danny.

Detroit Grand PuBahs – Sandwiches (Danny Daze Sourdough Jack Mix) [secret link] by Danny Daze

Danny Daze & Clockwerk – L.O.Y.L (Original) by Danny Daze



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