Chromeo + La Roux x Duck Sauce

Not much really needs to be said about a collaboration between Chromeo & Elly Jackson (La Roux) that gets remixed by Duck Sauce. It’s like being dealt Aces over Kings…the Full House pretty much speaks for itself.

Duck Sauce beef up the beat of the original and zone in on Jackson’s signature vocals to serve up the first monster jam of 2011.

Chromeo – Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix) by aRod@GottaDanceDirty™

Cheers to Green Label Sound for the free tunage!




7 Responses to Chromeo + La Roux x Duck Sauce

  1. Fredddddy says:

    I think the full house definitely falls short dude. While this track's catchy, it's actually pretty dull

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agreed… :s

  3. Jeffy says:

    I'm feelin it! Pretty basic, but what Duck Sauce tune to date hasn't been? Just a feel good track that works!

  4. aRod says:

    i dig it because it reminds of the Paper Faces/Thin White Duke/Jacques Lu Cont remixing that Stuart Price used to do in the early & mid-2000s. i was always a huge fan of that style.

  5. dirt mcgirt says:

    i just like the album art?

  6. jonahberry says:

    no no no dats dabutt.

  7. Siddharth says:

    Sundown is Back on the 16th Jan with Tristan & flipflop // 23rd Jan DIXON (innervision / Berlin). This Sunday get to witness house & techno electronica at its best… Best Wishes for the New Year!! Looking forward to seeing you at the eventful Sundowns at Aurus!! Be there!!

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