GDD™ 2010 Roundup: Part III

When one fabulous year ends, it leaves us with the question of: “Whats Next?”  My crystal ball can’t predict the future, but it can lay a stamp into this time period forever leaving a mark.  To us, the true measure of something great lies in the shelf life.  We believe that we have found those special jams and videos.  Jams and videos you’ll show your kids and say, “This is it guys, these are the classics that helped shape EDM as you little whipper-snappers know it today!”  This is the media that will tickle your creative fruits down to the tenderness of your loins until you explode with burst with smooth creamy emotion.

With that said, let our music, words, and visuals take you on a journey through the sun-kissed world of ‘Nu-disco’ with a stop at the rootsy, yet futuristic, vibes of ‘indie electro.’  Float away on the funky synth and go make some love-step music of your own.  Shibby

Best Albums of 2010
Bag Raiders – Bag Raiders [key tracks: Sunlight, Way Back Home, Shooting Stars]
Just like fellow Aussies, Miami Horror, Bag Raiders did not disappoint with their eagerly awaited full length album.  Their self titled album is full of shine and diversity.

Grum – Heartbeats [key tracks: Turn it Up, Heartbeats, Through the Night]
Late night drives, dark corners of the club or under the sheets, this perfectly titled album gets the night-time blood stirring.

Miami Horror – Illumination [key tracks: Holidays, Sometimes, I Look to You, Echoplex]
The feel good album of 2010 featuring some excellent vocal collaborations, mainly Alan Palomo (VEGA, Neon Indian), whose vocals take the album to brand new dream-state.  Far beyond REM.

Minitel Rose – Atlantique [key tracks: Heart of Stone, So You]
French accents with snappy lyrics hovering mysteriously on top of sinister synths.  Enough said.

Monarchy – Monarchy [key tracks: Maybe I’m Crazy, The Phoenix Alive, Gold in the Fire, Love get out of my Way]
The soundtrack to your next weekend getaway while cruising in your lunar lander getting felt up on the moon.

Tesla Boy – Modern Thrills [key tracks: Thinking of You, Fire, Synchronizing]
Another perfectly titled album, it’s a modern and thrilling piece of new wave gold.

Honorable Mention:
Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly [key tracks: Superstar, Without Lies, Fish in the Sky, We can’t Fly]
Beautifully eclectic you’ll be shocked to realize all the songs were made by the same dudes!  From start to finish, get ready to embark on a musical journey.

Top 20 Songs (in alphabetical order) right click save as
Aeroplane – Without Lies (Breakbot Remix)
Aeroplane vs. Friendly Fires vs. Flight Facilities – I Crave Paris
Azari & III – Reckless for your Love (Tensnake Remix)
Bag Raiders – Sunlight
     Bag Raiders – Sunlight (GLOVES Remix)
Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours
     Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix)
Cee Lo Green – Fuck You (Le Castle Vania Remix)
Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
Grum – Through the Night (Beaumont Remix)
Kele – Everything you Wanted (Fred Falke Remix)
Louis La Roche – Malfunction
• Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – Somebody to Love Me (Holy Ghost remix)
     Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. – Somebody to Love me (Redial’s Sunday Drive Remix)
Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang (U-turn’s Disco Dub)
Miami Horror – I Look to You (ft. Kimbra)
Miike Snow – Silvia (Felix da Housecat Remix)
Monarchy – The Phoenix Alive
     Monarchy – The Phoenix Alive (Kris Menace Remix)
Ocelot – Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix)
Russ Chimes – Targa
Swick – Grow Up (Cassian Remix)
Tensnake – Coma Cat
Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

(Full Zip File)

Big in 2011 the sounds of the future

American Royalty (insane live!)
Azari & III
Bit Funk
Flight Facilities

Be sure to watch out for epic new full-length albums to drop next year from GDD favorites Classixx and Futurecop!

Best Artists of 2010
Not too many artists perfectly balance Spinning, remixing, and producing the way Grum did in 2010.  Not to mention the stellar work in all categories.  The funk master is going no where.

Light Year
“Sex Education” and The Five Girls EP = Dancefloor insanity

Miami Horror
The eagerly awaited full-length album from Miami Horror did not disappoint.  “Illumination” will continue to get remixed through 2012 and will be played right when the world ends.

Mysterious and futureistic.  Can’t wait to see whats in store for 2011.  We’re well aware of their catchy riffs and production genius, but lets see something live!

Theophilus London
This master collaborator made a lot of already big tracks into massive ones.  Collaborations with Ellie Goulding, Maximum Balloon & Jimmy Edgar plus the MASSIVE track “Humdrum Town” all made for a banner year for Mr. London.

Minitel Rose
Another group we’re hoping to see tour the states to see if their live skills match their brilliant production.

Aeroplane (+The Magician)
Bummed these guys won’t be working together anymore, but all it means is twice as much aeroplane!  Coming hot off some of the funkiest remixes, a very eclectic and deep full-length album, and some of the best mix-tapes of the year these guys will by saucing up the future.

God this guy is rad.  Produced the most amazing sun kissed island disco song of pretty much all time, but  the real gold lies in his lesser-known tracks such as ‘Keep Believing’.  Everything this guy touches is pretty much amazing, covered with chocolate.

Russ Chimes
Brilliant Production, so much energy and depth to his music as well as the most creative music video trilogy coupled with an amazing EP ‘Midnight Club’ and stellar mixtapes.  The Expressway is the place to play.

Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP (Part 1: Never Look Back) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.

Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP (Part 2: Tertre Rouge) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.

Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP (Part 3: Targa) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.

Always comin’ in hot!  Funky fresh and groovy productions with spicy hooks.  A definite for all your desires.  Baby I’m Yours will be around for a long time.

Best Videos from 2010 Because we have other senses too

“Ambling Alp” by Yeasayer from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Tensnake: Coma Cat from The Music Network on Vimeo.

Shit Robot – Take ‘Em Up from DFA Records on Vimeo.

I Look To You from Miami Horror on Vimeo.

Cassius – I Love U So (Official Video) from Skeleton on Vimeo.

Holy Ghost! – I Know, I Hear from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Grum – Through The Night from The General Assembly on Vimeo.

Bag Raiders – ‘Sunlight’ from Modular People on Vimeo.

RAD OMEN – “Rad Anthem” from Nicholaus Goossen on Vimeo.

Best actor “slash” model and not the other way around

While this year is gone, we only have tons to look forward to.  We all know more than we did yesterday and so do our favorite acts.  With the constant growth associated with our favorite genre, its only a matter of time till the first concert on mars featuring real smoke and lazers.  But until then, grab your number 1 hottie, put on these jams, make sexy poses on your rotating circular bed, and vibrate.

Love and Eternal Sunshine,
David and Andrew
but the ladies call us Schlongo & aRod



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