2010 Festivus: A Mixtape for the Rest of Us

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Hope you dirty dancers had a happy holiday weekend. Unlike my fellow contributor ///BONES the Mixtape Machine, making a mixtape has always been a long, tedious process for me that typically results in clubbed baby seals*. However, this December, I publicly committed to making a full-length mix that encompassed some of my favorite songs from 2010 (along with some surprises and throwbacks that I couldn’t resist). Many long San Francisco nights and countless lunch breaks later, I proudly present my first full-length mixtape exclusively to you, the beloved readers of our humble blog. Peep the tracklist after the jump.

2010 Festivus: A Mixtape for the Rest of Us

01. Late of the Pier – Best in the Class (Soulwax Remix) [Purchase]
02. The Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Boys Noize Remix)
03. Bag Raiders – Sunlight
04. The Krays – We’re Ready When You Are (DJ Medhi Remix)
05. The Krays – We’re Ready When You Are (feat Ebony Bones)
06. Carte Blanche – Gare du Nord
07. Light Year – Sex Education
08. Autoerotique – Bubonic
09. Clockwork – Airflow (Valerna Remix)
10. The Squatters – Monster
11. Tiga – You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today Remix)
12. Mecurius FM – 1997 (Clockwork Remix)
13. Cold Blank – Shuffle
14. Congorock – Babylon (Dub)
15. PeaceTreaty – Cal State Anthem (Metropolis Remix)
16. Digitalism – Blitz
17. Digitalism – Echoes
18. Porter Robinson – Say My Name
19. Simian Mobile Disco – System
20. Retro/Grade – Moda

Don’t forget to visit our buddies at Hot Biscuits for mini-mixes from ///BONES, Troy Kurtz, and myself from earlier this year.

*Just kidding, no animals were harmed in the making of this mixtape



12 Responses to 2010 Festivus: A Mixtape for the Rest of Us

  1. Anonymous says:

    solid mix overrall but b2b digitalism tracks. cmon man.

  2. hotbiscuits says:

    thanks for the pingback brah. i updated the art n shit.

  3. Dr.Schlongo says:

    cam digging the transitions! smooth like butter. spicy like the bellydancers on telemundo

  4. Tre says:

    Shit is fire buddy!

  5. aRod says:

    HAHAHA, Schlongo.

    good shit, Cam! dope track listing + massive mixes. bravo, homie.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bones lets us download his mix tapes…

  7. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    Anonybro, check the soundcloud page for the mediafire link.

  8. David says:

    Test response.

  9. David says:

    Test again

  10. David says:

    Response to a response test

  11. Emilio says:

    the idea for every part of the blog to be divided into exclusives, premiers, remixes, mixtapes, and genres such as dubstep is awful.. users go on this site to look at all of the new music posted

    event posters do deserve a separate page tho so i wont complain about that

  12. K.M.O.C. says:

    Umm… all the new posts regardless of category show up on the home page regardless so i have no idea what your talking about. Its the same as the last site but if you want to just look up one category you can do that as well

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