Weekend Warriors of the World

It was a fact of life long before MDMA and dance music consummated their well-chronicled marriage during the early days of rave. Drugs and music just somehow always seem to be attendees of the same party. That’s why learning more about the way people interact with their drugs and each other can only be a good thing. This is where I ask you regular weekend (or weekday if you’re a thug) warriors for your assistance in a little academic endeavor – The good people over at MIXMAG have been running this annual survey for a few years now and it takes a bit of time but it’s for a good cause. Check out the MIXMAG 2011 DRUGS SURVEY and remember if you’re gonna party this NYE, party responsibly.

Ironic Tune for Sober Listening of the Day:
Dusty Kid – The Cat oldie but goooodie!

Make sure you grab our exclusive Mumbai Science mix where they very tastefully used this as their outro.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    acid was used more in the early dayz of rave ,,rave didnt get big on xtc until 90 91 less acid an 303s an more xtc minor chords come in round 93 92 …..but big up on this track i think beatport an other download sites pull this e.p. off ,a while ago..

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