The Dirt 20 featuring Mowgli, Prince Club, Artwork, Shinichi Osawa, Jesse Rose

What a treat!  Today we have the distinct honor of a Dirt curated by none other than our newest writer and reader favorite, Matt Black himself.  What can you expect today?  Well, nothing too abrasive, as the exclusive Dirt I’ll be putting up tomorrow will have more of that (making this no less than an elusive Double Dirt week). Today we’ve got gem sack full of buttery grooves, techy twists and generally a lot of stuff you won’t find easily that will make you both very sexy and cool.  Well done, reader favorite Matt Black.  Well done.
Enjoy it as I have,

• Tim Deluxe ft. Sam Obernik – Just Won’t Do (Mowgli Remix) ✓+
When I’m sitting here seriously considering writing the words “Mowgli’s grooviest track” in the description you know it has to be class. Trying not to shake your ass to this would be like trying to sneeze with your eyes open, which I think is potentially life-threatening.

• Prince Club – Love Jackson
Turning Janet Jackson’s ‘Someone To Call My Lover’ into a driving tech-house gem. Don’t get distracted by the pitched-down vocals and try to focus on the intricacies going on underneath so you can get a real appreciation for this tune.

• James Blake – CMYK (eLDOKO Remix) ✓+
Mr. Jonah Berry gave this track a √+++ in the original post. Such high praise from the CEO of GDD Media, LLC isn’t exactly easy to come by so I believe a congrats is in order to you, eLDOKO. The well-executed albeit subtle drop at 3:49 is positively orgasmic.

• Jen Bloom – All I’m Dreaming Of (Artwork Remix)
Madonna? Is that you? Seriously eerie at some points how much Jen Bloom’s vocals remind me of the once and always pop queen. Maybe that’s just me though. Regardless it’s a good thing it’s about 80Fº in Los Angeles cause this track is hot fire. For those of you in the colder regions of the world go ahead and point your speakers out the window and melt away that winter chill. You can’t ever go wrong with a little electronic Stones riff either.

• Riva Starr ft. Trim – Dance Me (Oliver $ Dub Mix) ✓+
In my iTunes I actually utilize the GDD™ patented method of identifying premium quality tracks with a little √ besides the name of the tune and within two minutes of this track being on my harddrive rest assured it had joined that club. I really love all the percussive elements in this song and the repetitive horn carries it all along.

• World’s End Press – Faithful (GLOVES ‘China White’ Club Mix)
Pure disco indie dance goodness. The only way I can imagine GLOVES could make this song better is by making it longer, and at six minutes it’s already quite the treat. The catchy and uptempo piano riff starting at 2:07 will bring a smile to even the biggest scrooges face during the holiday s. Make sure you grab the whole GLOVES mix the recent birthday boy aRod put up last month if you didn’t before.

• Shinichi Osawa – Paris
Uplifting and melancholy at the same time. Kind of like fond memories of a lost friend. Just an all around gorgeous track from Shinichi.

• Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Auge – Rubber (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)
Was absolutely not a fan of the original track by the French maestros, so I’m glad to see Go Go Bizkitt! do something of value with it. Injects the track with a little funk and makes it at least somewhat danceable.

• Jori Hulkkonen – I Am Dead (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
Wasn’t exactly sure about this song. Listened to it about five times before deciding it was Dirt-able seeing as we’ve had so much material to cover, but now I think it’s one of my favorite of the lot. And that’s saying a lot! See what I did there? Very mischievous instrumental work going on in this.

• Jesse Rose & Made To Play All-Stars – Yeah
Not exactly sure how I feel about this track actually. It’s good, but I don’t know. I think I listen to it repeatedly because I’m intrigued by it more than anything else. Definitely the heaviest of this bunch with a throbbing bass and solid kick. Just can’t put my finger on it… but somehow that’s good…

• Jacques Greene – Baby I Don’t Know (What You Want) ✓+
Late-bloomer in the “Track of 2010″ debate for me and quite a few others. Absolute magic from the young Montreal resident. Get it in to you.

• Foals – Blue Bood (Prince Club Remix) ✓+
Beautiful remix effort from more Montreal residents! Toned down trance synths and melodic grooves. If you go listen to the original you’ll understand how much talent went in to this remix. Kind of makes me feel like floating around a pool at night with Angelina Jolie while three skyscrapers spell out “CRASH AND BURN.” Wouldn’t that be nice.

You Stay Dirty, Dancers,

I’m Matt Black?



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