“It sounds like something turning your dog inside out.” That is how Marcus Lindstrom, aka Bratkilla has described the sounds he creates…and he couldn’t be more dead on. The 19 year old dubstep producer from Sweden has been creating a lot of buzz in the electronic scene lately and has become infamous for his evil, twisted and gigantic tracks. According to Lindstrom, he began by producing terror core, but soon joined the darkside when Skevist turned him onto dubstep. The rest is history, he began producing dubstep and was then signed to bass punch records.

I highly recommend that you pick these two tracks up…they make a great substitute for the morning cup of coffee.

*NOTE: These tracks are not for the faint of heart. They are monsters that are beautifully destructive, eerie, terrifying, massive, hard-hitting and insane. If you are an avid mashup enthusiast, then simply just pass these over.
BUT for all my bassheads out there that need their neck-breaking fix…grab these tracks and you’ll thank me later!!!

Bratkilla – Masturbating Flesh Collector √+

Bratkilla – Methamphetamine




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