The Dirt 19 featuring Foamo, Light Year, Breakdown, Caligula, Simian Mobile Disco

Quick Dirt for ya tonight with more to come soon as I keep filtering and zipping what we’ve had up recently. Lots of recently posted tracks in the to-dirt list so stay tuned. Not sure if I can top this Dirtbabe though. Cue her up and take her for a spin, she likes you.

• .zip file (all tracks)

• California Swag District vs Bassnectar – Teach Me How To Basshead (Mister Gray’s Dubstep Mix)
This will turn your sprite Easter pink. Levels and sound could use a little working but these two just fit.

• Green Velvet – Dank (Breakdown Remix)
Swollen, overblown beats and horns bounce along for a ripping good time. Doesn’t hurt that Breakdown shot a hilarious music video for this in our former neighborhood, either.

• Warrior One – Lord of Bashy (Foamo Remix)
Haven’t heard as much from our friend Foamo in a bit but it sounds like he’s well as ever with stylings from his signature recent past inflected with nicely over the top techno slash and churn.

• Light Year – Five Girls
Chopped vocals and curious noises in typical Light Year fashion, I like the new direction with the tempo smoothed out and lower end toughened up.

• Egonoise – Dirty Downtown Anthem ✓+
Throwback synths that forgot to take their medication end up all over the place, eventually bringing a more of dubsteps vowel growls into electro. Still managing to jack very nicely at 3:12. And you know I love anything that jacks.

• David Guetta ft. Kelis – Acapella (Extended Mix)
You know how I feel about Guetta by this point. You have to give it up to his success in recent years but I can’t stand a lot of what he’s putting out. This, on the other hand, is not what you’d expect at all, with a deep groove pumping through what barely hangs onto his dancefloor pop. With Kelis rounding it out well of all people. Don’t judge a track by its title.

• Interpartysystem – And Together (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)
This one is here for the break and dynamics, but you know that hard march of the hypnobanger thing that Deadmau5 does? This ends up sounding a bit too much like when it drops. Arpeggios + restrained vocals still undoubtedly haunt this one into the list.

• Caligula – Absolute Power (Original Mix)
Now Caligula I can get into. Unapologetically sinister and epic, not necessarily what the world ends to but definitely played shortly after.

• Simian Mobile Disco – Aspic ✓+
Head back and grab the other Simian tracks we put up recently, they never cease to amaze me. They, along with the rest of the list of the things I like, keep digging deeper and darkening up as they refine their sound and deconstruct where techno ends and your ears begin. Their set at Control a few weeks ago was the closest to being back in Berlin I’ve felt since being home.

• Azari & III – Indigo ✓+
Droning and sexy love making Acid House. It’s back and it’s evil this time.

• The Crystal Method – Come Back Clean (ATLAS Remix)
It has Emily Haines on it, who you all know I have a massive crush on. Dripping with mmm.

• Tensnake – Keep Believin’ ✓+
I still feel like Tensnake wouldn’t exist to most people were it not for Coma Cat so let’s change that with this shimmering little pile of glitter.

Bonus garbage:
• Flo Rida ft. David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me (DJ Punish Bootleg) ✓-
Sometimes I’m looking through tracks and find some golden garbage which I can’t justify including. It’s chilly outside and I want to be poolside plastered off big ‘ol party size sea breezes, which of course means Vegas house bootlegs like this playing.

Lakers won,



8 Responses to The Dirt 19 featuring Foamo, Light Year, Breakdown, Caligula, Simian Mobile Disco

  1. Danny says:

    wow, thats twice for the old Dj Punish bootleg, I liked it the last time, but thought I could do something different with it, so I did this,

    thanks for the inspiration, I certainly would have never have touched it before, I guess Guetta does grow on you…
    thanks for the dirt m8

  2. Jackie H. says:

    Lord of Bashy remix link directs to Five Girls. And zip file isn't working! XO

  3. Anonymous says:

    link is broken it just takes me in circles back to mediafire

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. stevie.e says:

    not sure what's going on with that, sorry guys. reupping, standby.

  6. John says:

    Guetta is going a bit disco

    JMF Disco
    Wedding DJ and Mobile Disco

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love this Dirt it's totally awsome.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dirty Downtown Anthem is so massive.. really should get some support from Bloody Beetroots, maybe Boys Noize? Grimy electro = big ups

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