Statelapse (aka Luke Fenn and Leigh Shields) are a dubstep duo reigning from Huddersfield, UK. Luke and Leigh first met in 2007 and quickly formed a strong bond over music. They began their musical journey producing Drum and Bass and were signed by Wreked Records in 2008. Although they both had a strong passion for Drum and Bass they soon made the switch to dubstep in 2009.

Statelapse’s music can be described in many ways: dirty, evil, massive, dark, gritty, grimy…you get the point. Essentially, these two dubstep wizards pump out some gnarly stuff.

But as I always say, don’t take it from me…grab these tunes and get ready to ice your neck.

Pendulum – The Island (Statelapse Remix)

Statelapse – Regurgitate




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  1. John says:

    dub step is getting requested more often at my gigs – got to have good audio to paly out the low sounds

    JMF Disco
    Wedding DJ and Mobile Disco

  2. Andrew Mrvos says:

    holy fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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