While your stuffing your little faces today, heres a treat for all you Daft lovers and TRON fans…

Breakdown got caught up in all this Daft Punk, Tron & Disney mania so decided they needed to rip Derezzed a new asshole. This one is a 50Hz explosion in your face!!! The stabs and tech percussion drive harder then a road raging redneck in an 18 wheeler – and with a massive drop like this, your dance floor better be equipped with airbags!! These crazy LA-based brothers have been on a roll as of late with support from artists such as David Guetta, Will.I.Am and Dada Life on their latest tracks. This coupled with crazy gigs in 2010 at such events as the Electric Daisy Carnival and Monster Massive along with their consistent flow of fresh bangers on the regular is what makes them a group to keep your eyes on well into 2011.



3 Responses to DAFT PUNK’s DEREZZED gets the BREAKDOWN

  1. stevie.e says:

    fucking awesome.

  2. Adam says:

    Doesn’t sound anything like Derezzed, you might as well pass it off as an original track, it’s not bad though.

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