Dillon Francis + GDD Present: The Dirt #18 (Double Dirt feat. Sneeven Francis).

So GDD Bestie™ Dillon Francis stormed into my bedroom with a 40 of Olde E 800 in hand at 10 AM (typical) and generally started ruining my day as he proceeded to show me how to make a moombahton remix (just slow it to 110), how to produce pretty much every sound that’s cool right now and how to effectively seduce women of all ages with things so offensive that I’d probably just end up making them cry if I tried them out. Our day ended with mostly his picks and some of what we’ve posted a bit back for a collaboration on this exclusive Double Dirt. And plans to create the Moombahton Machine mobile app. Thoroughly impressing us every time, Dillon is a gentleman and a scholar and it is my pleasure to present to you our first artist collab Dirt ever. Yeah it’s two parts. Half a gig of dirt takes a while to upload. Get it into you, I’m not even going to check plus it, just be sure to lock your door first.

Gotta Dance Dirty + Dillon Francis present: The Dirt #18 Part 1 (.zip)
Gotta Dance Dirty + Dillon Francis present: The Dirt #18 Part 2 (.zip)

Munchi – Esta Noche
Dillon likes taking things slow, sexy and spanish to start out. Don’t get too comfortable though, your sedentary days are over at just past one minute.

SKisM – Rave Review
You recall that remix of Henry Rollins’ tirade against ‘shitty rave music’ that AC Slater whipped up? This is like that but dubstep and a lot better. Plus they bring in the sample from Outlander – The Vamp which, fuck, is so good. Don’t get me started on that track. You could take any part of that song and turn it into the highlight of a hit today. Rollins actually does a decent job of singing that lead, actually.

Bingo Players – When I Dip (Dillon Francis AIRHORN Remix)
This may still be my favorite remix of Dillon’s. This song gets you READY. To do terrible things to someone or something.

Ralvero – Samir’s Theme 2011 (Original Mix)
Generally speaking, any classic with the current year in the title is going to sound pretty generic but serve to be club ready by today’s standards. This, however is exempted from it as it is actually future forward and ready for 2011, which hasn’t even technically happened yet. Well played, Ralvero. This song always just makes us think of this video. Haha, look at her chewin’ dat gum.

Seductive – Rockin’ (Original Mix)
///BONES opened with this at the party we just did with DANCEiSM on the massive wall of a sound system The CENTRAL Social Aid and Pleasure Club. Gave me goosebumps, I love ///BONES.

Afrojack ft. Eva Simons – Take Over Control (Barletta Remix)
Hearing this song out is usually my cue to reup on whatever I’m drinking or hit the head but Barletta, through clever cutting and tasteful tweaking, makes it bigger, fuller and twice as diggable.

Envy – Normal (SKisM RmX)
I tried to keep it to one SKiSM track tonight. Really hard. We couldn’t decide. I don’t care how sick I am of that slippery dubvowel growl, this is topshelf $75/eighth stuff.

Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (Dillon Francis Choose Your Adventure Remix)
Although these books always ended up with me maimed by a werewolf four pages in I can overlook that in the name of crunchy cuts and drums spiked with exotic rum for slurred tongues. Hot hot hot. The original is more of a sample by the time Dillon has had his way with it. We like that.

Clubzound – Mr. Samba (Original Mix)
You’re not out of GDDxDF’s latin dance club just yet, you are now ours for the rest of the night. People around you are ingesting funny things. You can see the air. Hands look weird. You now love whatever South American country this track has transported you to. And there’s babes.

Style of Eye – The Big Kazoo (NACHO LOVERS ‘limb by limb’ edit)
By the time Dillon showed me this track I had forgiven him for waking me up at such an ungodly hour. As you, my dear loyal reader, know by now I really like Style of Eye. If you were luckily enough to experience those few magic months of afterparties at the ocean side Late Night Lair last year, you know just how important he is to us. This song was pretty massive not too long ago in house sets and this edit brings in some awesome dub MC gibberish to cool a break into the middle before bringing it back up. Put this in your set to become a good DJ and “kill it.”

Wolfgang Gartner – The Grey Agenda (Dillon Francis Edit)
This edit reminds me of how much I loved Wolfgang before he started spending 200 hours on a track’s detail. Cool, straight to the point, with just the right amount of accentuation without sounding busy. Dillon takes what I like about the track and brings that out in this edit.

Fuzzy Hair – Ilike (Joachim Garraud Remix)
Mechanically filthy with a hint of arrogance, booty shakes and falls for this floor churner courtesy of Joachim.

Boys Noize – Nerve (Hey Today! Remix)
Hey Today! makes this tension tamer inducer squirm and squeal as he claps, drops and leads it along.

Zombie Nation – Squeek (Bart B More Remix)
I haven’t seen Bart– whom Olle from Dada Life and I agreed is officially the world’s nicest DJ– in months, I’m just glad to hear he’s still doin’ alright. We played with a live polar bear and her cubs with him in Vegas one time. Don’t ask.

Reekay Garcia – Back To The Beat (Riva Starr Remix)
I asked Dillon for a few of his essentials which make their way into his sets, solid bounce from Riva Starr that we posted a bit back. Bubbly high end with subtest low end gong hits.

Gesaffelstein – A Lost Era
You didn’t think I’d let you off without any tech did you? If this song doesn’t make you smirk and do the minimal dance, I don’t know what will. Wheeeeeeeee ungh ungh get out of your head.

Staygold – Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix)
We posted this a second ago, not sure how this song slipped past me. Signature Dada style chilled out a bit at times with some saucy hand claps. Fun fun. Fun.

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL – Bang Bang Bang (U-Tern’s Disco Dub)
This is what Dillon puts on when he’s not robbing your ears of future discernible frequencies or wearing down your sneakers. Babymaking from the retrofuture.

Mano Le Tough – Eurodance (Tensnake Remix)
Everything Tensnake touches turns to white gold. Ooooh.

Matt Hughes – Can’t Talk Now
Pretty much every producer I know right now has a disco side, Dillon included. I’ll dedicate the next Dirt to you if you find me this record.

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (Streetlab Remix)
I’d be terrified to even begin modifying this track, an all time favorite since I heard it in the best skateboarding video of all time. I come from somewhere which says that there’s certain songs you just don’t touch but Streetlab somehow exercises enough restraint to turn this into a tasteful set closer as you light a cigarette and shake a couple hands. I could do without the effects but overall a pretty clean take.


Far East Movement feat. The Cataracts – Like a G6 (Dillon Francis Remix)
Sony apparently rejected this for being too crazy as per what I assume to be a staunch desire to remain irrelevant / non-alt. Sorry Sone, this remix is a lot of fun, the kids like the bass.

Remind me to never write a Dirt this long again. Anything for you, dear readers.

Collaboratively yours,

sneevs + Dillon Francis



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  1. SweetFA says:

    <3in' the bass

  2. Jonathan says:

    fucking awesome!!!! thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    Three Cheers for the 320!

  4. Dj Alekz451 says:

    Love it thx for sharing…

  5. ryan says:

    i commented a while ago asking 4 help 2 find the song congorock opened with at HHM
    i found it
    benny benassi- house music

  6. Anonymous says:

    the barletta remix of afrojack isn't there…

  7. Anonymous says:

    nipple slip!!! win!

  8. Jeff Wilson says:

    The Afrojack ft. Eva Simons – Take Over Control (Barletta Remix) goes the "Rockin (Original Mix)" DL link

  9. stevie.e says:

    link fixed, thanks for the heads up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    wicked late but pt 1's download isn't working for me, hangs on processing download request

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    ditto. download #1 doesn't work. =/

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    Can you please re-upload part 1?

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    hey, #1 is bust. Bummer..

    You guys rockwat

  14. J.C. says:

    put this shit back up i wanna download it

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