GDD™ Interview w/ Simian Mobile Disco

DIRTIEST OF DANCERS! Simian Mobile Disco are set to return to L.A. to serve up some dirty-ass techno at Avalon this Saturday night and SMD were able to take a brief moment out of their busy schedules to answer a few quick questions from GDD™.

Back in March, SMD formed their own imprint, Delicacies, accompanied with its own club night, Delicatessen. On November 30th, SMD are set to release their pet project album, also named Delicacies , a gathering of techno-inspired releases from their imprint in 2010.

GDD™: Jas and James thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. To stick to first-question tradition, what are you usual drink orders? We’ll buy you guys a round this Saturday.

SMD: We like Tequila please.

GDD™: The tracks on Simian Mobile Disco’s new album, Delicacies, all have a culinary theme and are named after rare & disgusting dishes from around the world. Out of all of the truly bizarre dishes name checked on the album, which one is the most far out and extreme dish?

SMD: Ortolan has the pleasure of being illegal but it’s not as revolting as Casu Marzu, which is both milky and magotty.

GDD™: The second disc on Delicacies is a bonus disc featuring a seamless studio mix of all the tracks from disc one. Is each track mixed in order of the course progression of a typical dining experience (i.e., appetizer, main course, entree, dessert)?

SMD: Oh, that’s really good. We should have done that! No, sorry instead we put then in the order that we thought sounded best, how mundane.

GDD™: How do you guys like playing shows here in LA? Not sure if you guys are aware…but L.A. ♥s Techno. Actually, we’re a bit offended that SMD has a residency in New York and does not have one in L.A.!

SMD: We are working on that and the fact that you love techno just makes us want to sort it out all the more.

GDD™: You were quoted as saying “2010 is gonna be a year for us of no vocalists at all…strictly instrumental, unpleasant techno.” How have crowds around the world in 2010 responded thus far to your more techno-influenced sets this year?

SMD: Surprisingly well, I think that by warning people like that, we stopped the lightweights from coming. Generally people seem to have been receptive to freakier sets.

GDD™: Well L.A. is very excited to have you back for a DJ set this Saturday night at Avalon.

Your live set up has a monster rig that includes lots of vintage analog goodies. What sort of set up do you use for your DJ sets?

SMD: Just CDs, so simple. After touring with the live rig and having to fix it every day it’s a real breath of fresh air to just pitch up with a bag of CDs. In fact, DJing instead of doing the live show this year has allowed us to do the Delicatessen stuff.

GDD™: SMD curates and hosts parties all around the world. Who are some current artists that you’ve been excited to DJ & play next to this year, artists who make you wanna, well…dance dirty?

SMD: Andy Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe, Carl Craig, Oni Ayhun, Ramadanman, Green Velvet, so much great stuff out there at the moment!

GDD™: Aside from receiving loads of free goodies from other artists and labels, as DJs & music fans, what other routes do you take to stay current with music? What is your stance on how music is passed along so quickly via the internet, through music blogs and aggregator sites like HypeMachine?

SMD: I think the test of DJs now is to sift through all that and not just play the stuff that’s at the top of the blogs, everyone has that*. It might go down well but it’s obvious.

*When SMD says “the stuff at the top of the blogs…everyone has that”, they are of course referring to the other blogs :]

GDD™: And finally, SMD is constantly evolving and many fans are curious as to what’s in store for the upcoming year from you guys. Certainly you are afforded more benefits and opportunities now versus four or five years ago. What are the major differences between making an album in 2007 and making an album in 2011 for you guys?

SMD: Somethings don’t change, you go into the studio and see what happens. It’s just as fun, difficult, interesting as it ever was.

GDD™: Thanks again for your time guys and we look forward to the show this Saturday.

Some dishes for you to enjoy from Delicacies!

Latest tracks by SMD Delicacies

You hear that Los Angeles? This Saturday night at Avalon: NO LIGHTWEIGHTS!




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  1. dirt mcgirt says:

    hell yes. fuck vocals.

  2. NN says:

    i dunno. this stuff is all very minimal and pretty boring

  3. TheDude says:

    They forgot to include the song called 'Surströmming'. Otherwise the techno feels refreshing for a change…

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