You hear his name more now than MTV (quote unquote) musicians. His tracks have been supported and praised by almost every DJ you’ve ever seen. His work has been a staple of house music for years on end, but now David Guetta is facing mixed reviews for being called a pioneer in bridging the gap between electronic music and pop and hip-hop. The release of his Grammy award winning album One Love earned him much deserved attention in the electronic community, but more importantly is becoming the reason those “Do you only play techno here?” club-goers are finding satisfaction and respect for the genre. Say what you will about his commercial collaborations and his Top-40 driven rise in popularity, but Guetta is making all the right moves for electronic music as a movement. Personally, I’ll play a David Guetta track any day over any rap or teenie bopper request.

Still not heavy enough? If you haven’t seen his DJ sets, then you have no room to bad mouth because they’re a high energy ride on the Dutch train. I couldn’t of been happier to see him drop ‘Kernkraft 400′ into ‘Riverside’ @ EDC 2009 in front of a crowd of tens of thousands.

To my DJs and dirty dancers – If you have only heard the radio edits of Guetta’s One Love album, then obviously you missed the release of his XXL Limited Edition version, which features over 30 tracks of extended mixes and some of the biggest and baddest remixes to be released. Why am I tootin Guetta’s horn? Because he’s playing this weekend @ The Hollywood Palladium, so you know I got a nice lil’ Saturday planned. I would invite you to come but it’s already sold out. It’s okay, just come tonight to the preview party of our new GDD weekly, starting officially in 2011.

Here’s one of my favs off the album as well as a great club bootleg to add to your mainstream sets:



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  1. Rob says:

    I feel the same way. He's grown on me a little bit, and I like him the most out of the Tiesto/Kaskade/Benassi/Deadmau5 crowd. Memories is a damn catchy tune.

  2. Kevin Brown says:

    Well said…so many people that are so called "in the electronic scene" discredit his work and contribution to dance music as a whole…if not for guetta 75% of the people that are so into SHM, Chuckie and the rest of the 2010 super producers would still be bumping 50 cent.

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