Sparkle Vision Album Release Show

Attention my Los Angeles brethren, this Saturday Fuzz (aka David Streit) is celebrating the release of his incredible new album Sparkle Vision at WonderWorks. Fuzz’s new album Sparkle Vision is nothing short of mind blowing. It plays like a psychedelic trip through a land filled with disco grooves, mind blowing bass, glitches, twisted synths, complex drums and good vibes.

I highly recommend you pick the album up
Purchase it here

Just like Fuzz’s new album this show is not to be missed. Fuzz will be throwing down his infamous face melting set, which consists of the perfect combination of funky grooves, trippy synths and ear splitting bass. Also on the bill, St. Andrew will take you on a journey full of tech drums, wobble bass, high end screeches and head bobbing grooves. Furthermore, we have the always impressive acts MoreDillon and Osaka. And finally, I will also be throwing down a set.

The show is free and so is the alcohol. Get there early to insure that you get in and grab a few drinks before they run out.
Oh and here is some 320 goodness for you : )



5 Responses to Sparkle Vision Album Release Show

  1. Pablo Zanderbar says:

    This is gonna be tight! Fuzz and St. Andrew are really good, I'd advise all to go.

  2. Tre says:

    Seriously, this is going to be one hell of a night

  3. ryan says:
    can some1 at GDD ID the song at 2:30??
    its a banger

  4. stevie.e says:

    whooooaaaaaa banger.

    sounds kind of like the vocal from kikumoto allstars – house music but too different to be a remix, we'll need to have phil from technocolorkids ID this.

  5. WRProductions says:


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