NAS & Damian Marley get the BREAKDOWN

With another block rockin remix, Breakdown have ripped apart Damian Marley and NAS’ “As We Enter” and reconstructed it with their big-room bumpin’ dirty disco interpretation. It’s been one of the standout tracks in their recent sets and is now available to you to smash on your very own system! This track has been a big mainstay of Breakdown sets since it was finished last month. Ranging from their set at Monster Massive, The Well’s recent “Notorious” after parties in downtown LA, Groove Thursdays, Nocturnal Sessions, their Sirius XM radio show spot (Tone Diary Electro) along with their own hyped Breakdown party in Santa Barbara, this track has been blowing minds and destroying subs! All we can say is play this and you’re sure to see heads bumpin, hands pumpin and booty thumpin!
And again for you soundcloud noobs – you can download these jams by clicking the little downwards arrow icon on the far right of the track bar. Just sayin.

NAS & Damian Marley – As We Enter (Breakdown Remix) by Breakdown

And if you haven’t already grabbed their new original from the Halloween Big Giveaway, your missing out on a serious big room monster:
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    post the new skrillex album from the mau5 label

    its the only good music out right now duh

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    anon is kidding, guys. heh. heh.

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