BetaTraXx Live and Hard

Our good friend and Producer Tim Nelson AKA BetaTraXx, Electro-House producer, has added an element of hard acoustic percussion to his live set with drummer Nick Gross to form a union described as “More rock than GirlTalk, more flow than Milkman, and more talent than Pretty Lights.” (Westbeach Review) At a time when electronic music is snowballing with popularity, this electro-acoustic act brings a unique element of unpredictability and visual spectacle that astonishes audiences in all aspects without fail.

His counter part, Mr. Nick Gross is a drumming phenomenon. Faster hands than frankie 4 fingers and only twenty-two years old he has already cemented a firm platform in the percussion world. He began with his band Open Air Stereo, which scored prime-time coverage with the MTV series “Laguna Beach” after they landed a major label deal with Sony Epic Records. After a year of touring with “Open Air Stereo” Nick has been busy drumming along hip-hop artists Thrasher and Lolene.
Following in the line of Travis Barker’s collaborations with DJ AM and A-Trak, BetatraXx performance project with Gross seeks to develop this drummer/producer concept and to enliven the DJ performance by generating a noticeably intensified energy in their audiences. Because lets be honest…One guy on just decks is starting to get a little boring…
Didn’t think i was going to leave you without tunAGE right?



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  1. West Coast Leak says:

    It's kind of weird that Westbeach Review would compare BetatraXx with Pretty Lights as they have very different sounds and styles.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Need one of those singlets

  3. Anonymous says:

    Song id on the track played by betatraxx in Vimeo video?

  4. Anonymous says:

    BetatraXx – Foxtrot (Kids At The Bar Remix)

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