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Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend DJMag‘s Top 100 DJs award ceremony at London’s highly acclaimed Ministry of Sound. I’ve never seen a club so rammed, as thousands flooded the streets, in line to catch sets from some of the world’s top acts. Afrojack opened up the second room, with a pretty tight two hour dutch house set, but the vast majority were there to find out who’d be crowned the world’s number 1 DJ. Armin Van Buuren received the award for the fourth time in consecutive years, as several hundred in the club appeared to groan at the lack of change.

While I’d be first to admit that trance ain’t my cuppa’, Van Buuren played a pretty banging 60 minute set before being helicoptered up to Manchester to play a show at Sankeys an hour later. But it was Deadmau5 who really stole the show, with an unhooked set that made Van Buuren resemble more of a support act than anything else. For two hours, the Mau5 utterly smashed the main room with a progressive set that included both originals, as well as big house and techno tuneage from other artists. Big sets on the night also came from Laidback Luke, and Sasha, who brought the house down with his ‘Crystalised’ bootleg by The XX:

The ceremony itself was a pretty interesting affair though. If I’m honest, I was a little disappointed with the lack of diversity in the top 100. While it’s always going to be indicative of DJ Mag’s readership, I wasn’t expecting quite so much musical politics. The results were pretty Euro-centric and not particularly representative of the plethora of talent out there. As a result, there were very few DJs who placed from North America and Australia, and the Euro-trance sound seemed to dominate the chart.
Top 5:
Other Notable mentions:
#39 Avicii
#61 Andy C
Check out the full results here.
Feel that some of your favorite artists didn’t make the cut? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we want to hear your top DJs of 2010.
Later this week I’ll be switching it up and posting an interview with an Ibiza House legend – keep your eyes and ears peeled, it’s not one you want to miss!



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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    2manydj’s?? where are they

  3. stevie.e says:

    Guetta is no surprise. Before this was released, Fred and I agreed that Guetta was one of the few who could actually usurp the Armin-Tiest-trance spot. Whether you like what he's putting out or not (most of his recent productions aren't my cup of tea), his influence and approach to dance music as a business is undeniable. Trance is done and if things continue as they have, I'd put him on top next year.

    Maybe we should do our own Top 100? Poll the places we really think matter– Holland and London and Spain of course but imagine if Berlin, LA, Australia and all the weirdos in between were actually represented. Maybe if we included subgenres? Top 100 basically answers one question: which subgenre is biggest? Big House and Trance, no surprise here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if there is a recording of deadmau5's unhooked set from his show in London???

  5. Anonymous says:

    Guetta is a SHIT!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm stumped on the bloody beetroots.
    Aren't they a band now?

  7. .Cracker says:

    It really bothers me that diplo isn't even mentioned. That guy tears venues to shreds every time he plays. I'm also in agreement on the 2manydjs. They have one of the most creative sets I've seen for some time and yet they're not even listed.

  8. Isaac says:

    Where the hell are 2manydjs?!

  9. ged_was_here says:

    Several of the listed DJs all mentioned Congorock as one of the best acts of the year, yet he doesn't even cop a place, even though a stack of people in the list haven't produced any new tracks AT ALL this year.

  10. SweetFA says:

    I agree, Congorock should break the top 100, as should Jesse Rose, who in my opinion's one of the smartest DJs out there. Richie Hawtin should be higher, as he's doing something massively innovative, and as for Daft Punk and Justice, while they're fantastic live acts, how can they be deemed top djs in 2010 when they haven't played a show?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Stevie.e you are absolutely spot on re: Guetta. The way he has almost revolutionised dance music into becoming something of household genre is unreal. He's brought it into the popular spotlight and ultimately made it a hell of a lot more accessible for artists such as SHM, Aviici, Duck Sauce, etc all to break into the top 10 charts.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Brodinski should be on it. Guetta??! Pfffff

  13. Anonymous says:

    betatraxx, LA riots, charles I, bar 9, alphabet pony, nero, midnight conspiracy…??? why do i feel like underground electro is becoming more and more like a "top pop" chart..

  14. Peter says:

    The Top 100 DJs is NOT indicative of DJ Mag's content, editorial policy or readership – but it gets us a bit of attention!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Diplo owns a record label, does tours and releases both independently and with Major Lazer, produces for everyone you've ever listened to, what more can the man do to break this list?? Collaborate with Tiesto? Oh shit wait he did that too. Come on now DJMag.

    And what about Aoki? Not everyone loves him, but the man owns the record label that at least two of the top 100 DJs are signed to, tours nonstop, releases, promotes, blablabla, dude's on top of it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Skrillex is #1

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sorry guys, but Congorock is not a top 100 "DJ" he produced some great tracks this year, but that's it. I saw him in OC and his blends were sloppy as hell!

  18. woolfie says:

    If afrojack can place 19, Congorock, Atrak and Diplo deserve to be in the top100

  19. General Dread says:

    So no dubsteppers at all? Hatcha, Chef, and N-Type are some of the best in the world…What a Eurotrash meltdown…No Marcus Nasty but Boy George? Really?

  20. Jeffy says:

    Armand Van Helden?

  21. JaJaCarol says:

    I was rather disappointed but then why am I not surprised Armin van blah blah is number 1???

    This year has been particularly great for Dubstep/Drum and Bass producers and DJ's!
    If Andy C is there…then why not Skream? Hello???!!! Goldie?!

    Also I am surprised with Calvin Harris being top 90's. Good for him. Just don't stick Mark Ronson in the bunch!

    and WTH to Boy George?!

    Again, hello! Where is Max Vangeli? Diplo? Aoki?! Surely they diserve recognition!

    Anyway that's my rant over with, for now. Again I am pretty disappointed.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh and Mary Anne Hobbes?!!!!

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Reevo says:

    I think Bassnectar was worthy of note. His sets from New Years through July of this year were mind blowing. His game has dropped a bit since then, but he's still great.

    He's also selling out mid size venues everywhere he goes. Worthy of the 50-100 range for sure.

  25. Sean says:

    Aoki is a terrible, terrible DJ. Richie Hawtin should be way higher up and I would love to see Green Velvet at least break the top 100. Also, Groove Armada throws down like no other. Although this act probably wouldn't fall under the category of DJs, after last night I gotta say…


    Every year I find that list less indicative of what is actually worth a listen :/

  26. CleanShoes says:

    I pretty much agree with all the comments here. You can search their website and find where the not top 100 are (Diplo was 218, Congorock 739, skream 176). The Diplo one makes least sense to me, but I guess it is eurocentric based.

  27. Dave L says:

    stevie.e is right, GDD needs its own top 100 list! Why weren't Crookers and the Twelves not mentioned?

  28. Shane Don't Know Jack says:

    Which clowns voted for this? I wanna spit in their face. They put Boy George in there and no Aoki, Congorock or 2manydjs. Guys, get over Guetta, Tiesto and Van Buuren. They're relics. We need more filthy dirty shit. lots of love from Australia!

  29. Shane Don't Know Jack says:

    To the guy that said Skrillex #1. you bloody legend!

  30. Anonymous says:

    can we please be real? Deadmau5 is #1. Guetta is good and influencing the business, sure. the mau5 has been putting out a ton of incredible tracks in a variety of dance music genres. he's even started to cross to dubstep a bit. 4 isn't high enough.

  31. Anonymous says:

    this is done by vote…..there is not dubstep because the amount of people that like it is minimal compared to the amount of people that like 4/4 music…..sorry…dubstep just isn't big enough to register.

  32. Anonymous says:

    why no Kieran Hebden?????

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have never heard of the #5 artist but I like that list, there are too many genres that DJs play around with. Im glad that the top 5 have all experimented with multiple genres while maintaining their trademark styles.

  34. Dj Seizure says:

    ummmm fucking A-TRAK and Danger

  35. Anonymous says:

    a-trak,the bloody beetroots,foamo,sound of stereo, fuck guetta, fuck deadmau5, beataucue,daft punk hello,fake blood, flying lotus, danger,Surkin , brodinski, justice haha jk, kill the noise, busy p, mr. oizo, fucking chuckie !!! and djedjotronic

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