Let Me See Your Bass Face!

Hey kids, I come to you again to bring your weekly dose of bass. I feel like I went a little easy on you guys in my last post and so this time you get 7 absolute monsters. These 7 tracks are for the head bangers, the stage divers and that one kid who is always standing right next to the sub at every show. Do yourself a favor and grab these 7 bangers!

*PS Don’t just play these puppies on computer speakers…they deserve better than that : )
Koan Sound – New Beginnings
Every time I see the name Koan Sound I know it’s going to be massive and New Beginnings does not disappoint. This song starts with a haunting intro and soon bursts into a barrage of catchy percussion and that gut wrenching sound that Koan Sound has perfected.

A-trak – Robot Vision ft Cyhi Da Prynce (ROBOROC Remix)
ROBOROC brings you a deep one here. This remix is fire! It’s well constructed, complex and different.

Genetix – Squid Attack
Genetix’s Squid Attack is the reason your neck aches the next day. This thing is filthy, evil, massive, heavy…well you get the point. Seriously, don’t miss this one!

Genetix – Keep it Gutter
Genetix brings you a true beast with Keep it Gutter. Keep it Gutter is full of dark wobbles, portamento and a bassline you won’t be able to get out of your head. This song ‘s title is perfect, this thing is dirty as sin!

Distinction – Fly Eyes (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Yes! Anything by Trolley Snatcha is an automatic grab. The man is a god in the dubstep world and this remix cements his divinity.

Disonata – Area 51
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any dirtier, heavier or more hectic…this track gets thrown in the mix. Disonata’s Area 51 is HEAVY!

Doctor P – Big Boss
Just what you would expect from Doctor P, high-end drive and a lot of dirt.

Expect more heavy bass coming your way, have a great week!
*All Tracks in 192 Kpbs




11 Responses to Let Me See Your Bass Face!

  1. Danl says:

    There are 7 tracks, silly

  2. JustFeather says:

    why do you guys alwayssssss post in 192 now? its so annoying. Real DJs will buy the tracks anyways. Bloggers will just go to a different blog. START POSTING 320s AGAIN PLEASEEEEEE

  3. Anonymous says:

    192 kbps does not produce good bass. Thanks for the tease

  4. Batch says:

    Oh sheesh y'all

  5. Anonymous says:

    "why do you guys alwayssssss post in 192 now? its so annoying."

    mate, it's not that hard to search mediafire or zippyshare if $1.99 is too expensive for you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    These tracks are sick, but TRE seems like you just went to another blog and just reposted them on GDD…As a BASSHEAD and blogger….you need to be more original or post tracks sooner than others…Oya like the others said, 192kbps….come on

    But keep up the good work and more BASS on GDD is defiantly good for yall!!!

  7. pHiLthy says:

    First everyone bitches about GDD giving away songs in 320k and how it's unfair to the artists.

    Now 192k isn't good enough.

    Settle for 256k?

  8. Anonymous says:

    all of you should invest in some logitech speakers. and dont get those silly subs that double as air conditioners that throw the sound quality off. lol my Logitech Z4 bass is plenty heavy and clear as fuck haha

  9. T3RR0R says:

    wtf is up with all the bitching…

    Good looks on the filth, Tre… just what I needed.

  10. stevie.e says:

    if searching for the 320's is too hard, you always have hypem.com and spotheads.blogspot.com. we're not going to post anything that isn't cool with the artists we're promoting. when GDD was still growing we could get away with that, those days are behind us now. obviously all music should be free, until that day you may have to purchase the occasional track, we certainly do.

  11. SweetFA says:

    Awesome bag of dubs my man! Very cool. Big ups!!

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