Set times are ready for this weekend. Man O Man is this gonna be a wild one. GDD will all be in attendance and rocking full costumes so don’t hesitate to find us, we’ll be handing out stickers to those that do, so keep your eye out…Set times after break

We will be ____ing ____y.


Wanna WIN a GDD shirt just in time for HARD?

In the comments of this post …

• Tell us what you’re gonna be for Halloween?
• Tell us who your must-see DJs @ HARD are and why?
= Winner will be judged on coolest costume idea and best answer for being excited for the artsit of their choosing!

Saturday, Oct. 30th is completely SOLD OUT so if you don’t have tickets yet you better start searching far and wide. But HALLOWEEN features a special guest (who you seriously don’t wanna miss) and Sunday tickets are still available!

To get you ready for the event, here’s the Official Hard Halloween mix to dabble in to, brought to you by Busy P & Brodinski.

HARD Haunted Mansion 2010 Official Mix by Busy P & Brodinski by HARD hardfest.com




  1. Olivia Miller says:

    HARD is going to be insane! So bummed i'm missing it… but I'm seeing dada life, underworld and fake blood (and more…) at Spookfest in SF this friday so I think I'll be alright… but anyways… I'm being a mummy and I'm gunna look bitchin so send me a GDD shirt and I'll rock it around Santa Cruz like no one's business. :) xoxo

  2. DSCO says:

    So excited for this weekend. My top picks for the weekend Brodinski, L-Vis 1990, Congorock, Fake Blood, Erol Alkan, and Boys Noize. I can't wait to find out who the special guest is! Guesses anyone?

  3. TA Black Captain says:

    I have such a HARD-on for that show!! Okay, i'm gonna be Patrick Bateman from American Psycho-i just need to find white-y tighties and a chainsaw and lots of Fake Blood. Which, ironically isn't who i'm looking forward to most, that would be Crookers-which will be great because I dance around in my underwear to Crookers anyway. SHIRT PLEASE!!!

  4. Silly says:

    I'm gonna go all out on my Charlie Brown costume and literally shaving my head bald to be accurate (/I've been meaning to see what I look like with a shaved head anyways). On top of drawing Charlie's signature "hair" on my bare, naked scalp, I'm gonna have a friend draw the image of his face on the back of my head so you can't escape him, buahahha.

    Tell us who your must-see DJs @ HARD are and why?

    Mr. Oize has one of the most unique sounds in the beat industry so that'll be cool.

    SebastiAn are just as ballin' to me as Justtice so that should be in-fucking-tense.

    Sticky K's remixes are getting better and better by the day and I'm sure he won't disappoint either.

    You'd be doing yourself a favor if you saw Fake Blood live, :D. I "Think (you'll) like it"

    From what I've heard Calvin Harris never tours the states so for him to be here is major.

    EVERYONE must see Flying Lotus (Fly Lo) live before they die at least once, his sets are amazing. 😀

    Hope I win the shirt,


  5. Emily T says:

    I'm going to be a polar bear on Saturday and a sailor on Sunday! On Saturday, I can't wait to see Mr. Oizo for his fat beats and because he rarely plays in the states, SebastiAn ever since Hard BUMMER, and Rusko for some dirty, grimy sounds. For Sunday, I'm really excited to see Calvin Harris..his disco-y stuff is fun to dance to and he was awesome at Ultra! Also excited for Erol, cause he always puts on a good show! :)

  6. Give me Freedom or Give me Dubstep says:

    This HARD is gonna be amazing! Their best lineup yet! The main person I want to see is a toss-up. I would love to see underworld because it could be one of my last chances since they're getting older and older :/ but to be completely honest I have to make Nero my number 1 priority! I've seen them 3 times now and they are for sure one of the best in the whole genre. Lastly, I can't wait to see boys noize too. His EDC set after MJ's death :/ was amazing. I really believe this guy can do it all and the best in his genre unless you count dadalife in there. So to sum it up Nero is my number 1! As for the costume, I think I might wear Donnie Darko's skeleton custome he wore in the movie. It would be pretty cool!
    Thanks GDD!!! You guys provide an awesome service and I hope I win!

  7. andrew says:

    i'm dressing up as the perfect skinny Woody.

    sticky k–> l-vis1990
    busy p
    mr. oizo — heard many things about this producer live, and love his groovy funky productions.
    crookers — opened the door of electronic music for me. have been wanting to see a live set for the longest time, regardless of what people may say.
    rusko — saw him at hard oakland and was very impressed. i give props to a dubstep dj with perfect transitioning. excellent stage presence, knows how to draw the crowd in.
    fake blood — this will be my only chance to see live w/o +21 (before he was added to live105 spookfest, but still, already had my ticket.) i am in love with fake blood's productions. only wished it was '09 and his set was more of his classic essential mix material. i really hope to hear old/new fake blood. plus how could you NOT, halloween + fake bloods visuals/production?

    ac slater — i can't really define ac slater as one certain genre of EDM, so i'm curious to see what his sound will mainly consist of.
    nero — gotta get some dubstep into the night
    a-trak — hope to hear duck sauce, groovy, uplifting, danceable tunes
    …. not too sure about underworld/surprise guest yet …. erol alkan
    jack beats — never seen jack beats. if i had, i would see boys noize instead for sure. i honestly can't make up my mind for where i'll be for BN or JB, cuz i've seen BN at etdPOP which was amazing, but now i'd hope for a sitdown for brap ;P

    but then i know jack beats play their songs, and revolution/drop the pressure/get off. this is tough.

  8. pHiLthy says:

    Definitely going to get a sit down going for Brap.

    Everyone listen to the guy wearing a cape and purple spandex

  9. ealbert says:

    My costume is Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing. I have a sweet hawaiian shirt, safari hat with the green underside, those yellow sunglasses, and of course a fat cigarette holder with a fucked up cigarette stuck in the end. Maybe I'll take the costume to another level and take some acid too =O. Regardless, Booka Shade is my number one for the weekend as I'm clearly gonna need a break from electro and dubstep (and they have one of the sickest takes on techno around – shame it's not their live show). Sticky K is an easy number two – gotta show that Isla Vista love. To wrap it up, I've gotta see Jack Beats as well and my reasons are good – I went to a club night in ibiza in June to see them, skream, doorly, and annie mac BUT whatever was in my system at the time stupified me to a point where I heard several of their songs in a row and got mad because I thought the opening dj was just a douche playing their songs – 45 minutes in I realized they WERE the opening dj's but by then it was too late to enjoy the set. Repeat needed.

  10. brnrdto says:

    I will be dressed up either as THE POPE OF DOPE (from the video clip of the track by Partyharders & Subs) or a boat captain for saturday. On sunday me and my friends will be dressed as In-n-Out workers : West Coast represent !

    Must see DJs :

    Fake Blood and Mr. Oizo because I am super bummed for missing their show (Fake Blood + Mr. Oizo + Breakbot + Paul Kalkbrenner, yes I feel butthurt). And seriously who wants to miss Fake Blood when it's time for Halloween festivities ?

    Mr. Oizo's productions are so unique with their touch of weirdness that sound awesome.

    Boys Noize and A-Trak are both masters. Their appearances are always incredible and it's always good vibes and good mixing that please the ears when you see them.

    Sebastian is my FUCKING #1, dark, raw, violent that is Sebastian. Sebastian hates the world. With his track Threnody he tells everybody : "FUCK YOU here's an 11 minutes intro just to piss you off, then I will turn the dancefloor into a living hell." No seriously, have you ever heard his remix of RATM's "Killing In The Name Of" ? Or his track Motor and the remix by Neus that he plays at his gigs ? What about "Dog" ? Yes, listen to it and you WILL know that Sebastian is a total BADASS. Really, he will tear it apart, turn you into an animal, a monster, a partyvore, a savage. First he's gonna melt your ears, then your face, then your brain and when his set will end, you will collect what remains of it with a straw and will be like "GOSH ! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE ?! AWESOME !!!"

    Also, Busy P, Mr. Oizo, Brodinski and Sebastian have to be seen by myself because after all I support people from my hometown.

  11. digitaldragon03 says:

    I am going to be a member of the Squirtle Squad. Look for me kicking ass and putting out the fires occurring underneath the feet of the people watching Fake Blood. Because Fake Blood is the only place to be on Saturday if you like to, you know, dance!

  12. DRO says:

    on Saturday I'm gonna wear vampire fangs with fake blood running down to my shirt to spell "Fake Blood" in dripping letters. no costume for Sunday, just gonna rep my slime green jack beats tee.

    if u can guess, I am most looking forward to Fake Blood on Saturday. i've always thought his style would be really dope on halloween. if he drops Liquid by Clouds I just might lose it, that song is pure evil. Crookers is the other reason I decided on going both days, I've only seen them twice and both times were at previous Hard Haunted Mansions so I couldnt break tradition. Sunday night belongs to Boys Noize he's the perfect way to close out an insane weekend. i've got to leave at some point during his set to check out Jack Beats though… Here's to hoping for a great surprise guest (no Deadmau5 please… dare I say Daft Punk?) and a free GDD tee! go HARD or go home.

  13. Jon Newman says:

    For Halloween im going to be a mushroom :)
    and for hard halloween i really want to c rusko, because he is extremely phat, and the bass will be rocking
    i want to c the Bloody Beetroots because they are rarely in the US, and they are so sick and insane.
    I want to c AC Slater, because of that INSANE BASS!!!
    and i want to c Fake Blood because the remixes they do are INSANE!!!'

  14. Batch says:

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

    Where's Waldo costume. Sure, I like to party and rock out with my cock out, but I also like to move around and enjoy the vibrations of the party. No one will find me. I'll be the sneakiest motherfucker in the whole place.

    As for my choice: Congorock. They can't be fucking beat. The colabs they've done with the Beetroots and JOTS are incredible. My head will asplode.

  15. bomdiggabom says:

    I'm going as a robot; pretty much any excuse to wear glitter in public.

    As far as the lineup goes for HARD, I'm gonna have to say that A-Trak, Crookers, and DEFINITELY Flying Lotus and Bloody Beetroots (Death Crew 77).
    A-Trak and Crookers have their own distinct sound which puts them heads above the rest, but Flying Lotus and Bloody Beetroots are bringing their most unique sound to HARD. I got to see the Death Crew 77 at Webster hall and the show was absolute insanity, especially since they did live percussion and instruments. that kind of variation, and the overall tone of a Death Crew show is PERFECT for Halloween weekend.

    Then there's Flying Lotus; he is his own, and has deserved credit for YEARS. His music has influences of the past, present, as well as the future; his past, showing his appreciation for his life growing up, as well as his 80s game culture which has obviously influenced his style, and the present, which has begun to take on some influences from dubstep. His sound, especially on Cosmogramma, is literally out of this world; there is one specific noise on Recoiled that sounds like a motorcycle revving through space. It's unbelievable and such a small piece, but so huge.

    Why you would skip Bloody Beetroots and/or Flying Lotus? I'm not sure.

  16. Ed Banger Kids says:

    We will be there, supporting Ed Banger B]


    Ed Bang Us.

  17. Britney says:

    the first day, me and my two friends are going to be beat freak one and beat freak towo with cat in ze bass hat. the costumes are handmade by me and are awesome. haha and the second day in going as duck sauce, the female version, also homemade and so authentic you guys should watch for me. also, most excited to see calvin, only because he rarely comes to this side of the pond, and nero who lays down some of the smoothest dubstep sets ever, also fake blood is so technically good, and i saw him at the mezzanine earlier this year, he was epic. of course a-trak just because he also is so technically good and on vinyl and lets be real i have a secret thing for fool's gold. other than that i heard rumor dad life is the surprise guest!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    im stoked to see mr. oizo and sebastian but im bummed sebastian and fake blood play at the same time as the beetroots, i saw thier live set at hard in april but the recent videos of tyhoer live shows, shows thet have made thier live set even better. the live version of fucked from above 1985 ius phucked, and when they play escape… damn! luckily i get to see thier live show on this friday before hard here in phoenix first. that makes the decision a little easier. plus burns and reset is a hard decision as well! and boys noize and jack beats is hard to decide. iv seen them both and boys noise always throwns down CRUNCHY ass sets so ill watch him since i saw jack beats at hard summer last year and i saw them at edc this year. but anyway id like that shirt, this is my 7th HARD and i drive out from arizona everytime!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Corporate American Indian Raver

    HARD was 1st Rave last year ( now im retiring the scene after a heavy year which included EDC, Coachella, Burningman among many others, so ill give HARD my last goodbye, but dont get me wrong im not stopping partying just going to ones that blow minds, which HARD does….

    rumor is DAFT PUNK special guest, but its prob the BBR or possibly Wolfgang???

  20. Alexis ocampo says:

    I will b wearing a brown paper bag with nothing under and in the front of the bag I'm going to write douche as for the sets I want to see a-trak because he's amazing, boyz noise because they destroyed EDC and Calvin Harris because his mixture of disco and house is just great. Hope to see all you dirty dancers there

  21. Anonymous says:

    Super horrible idea on Hard's part to have Jack Beats and Boys Noize play at the same time.

  22. Jacob says:

    Ok this is how it is… I'm going to be motha fuckin Hunter S Thompson from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I think you should know the name if you are going to sport the costume. Starting at L-Vis 1990 and watching Busy P, then I'm runin my ass over to catch a little Calvin Harris, had to choose between Crookers and A-Trak, pulled the trigger and I'm going to Crookers because Rusko is playing after and staying there for the all mighty bloody beetroots. Day two goes Sticky K, SUBTRKT, AC Slater, Nero and staying at the Harder stage for the rest of the night… This lineup is going to tear the roof off… I hope these guys have insurance

  23. Spinnerette says:

    HARD HAUNTED will literally made my head explode from creamy bass. I have waited ALL semester for this, spending hours in the library this week so I can LET MY FUCKING FREAK FLAG FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Me and my partners in crime will be representing DIGITAL PENETRATION in full force! I'm literally going to climb some sort of tall structure and scream to the world, "HARD HAUNTEDDDDDDD!" I have to say my top picks are:
    -FAKE BLOOD (he only uses cdjs and beat counts like are you fucking kidding me HES SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I saw him @ the Mezz in SF and he was one fo the best sets I HAVE EVER FUCKING SEEN)
    -CAlvin Harris (he barely ever comes to the US and he was one the first artists I got into. This guy used to work at a grocery store then started making tunes that literally hump your eardrums and I plan on gettin mine HUMPED!)
    -JACK MOTHER FUCKING BEATS (there essential mix almost brings me to tears its near perfection and I saw them at EDC but it wasn't enough)
    -NERO (one of the best dubsteppers, can't want to hear some grimeyyyyyyyyyy dubbbbbbbb love those guys)
    -Booka Shade (do i need an explanation? fucking MASTERS of the genre)
    -BLOODY BEETROOTS (ave u ever seen their performance at Creamfields 2010? yeah. nuff said)

    ok, so like britney said we're being Beat Freak 1&2, costumes are homemade OF COURSE, our friend is being the fish from cat n the hat and our other friend is being the cat in the BASS hat.

    the send day britney is being a girl version of the duck sauce duck how fuckign awesome IS THAT?! homemade as well and I'm dressing up as the fool's gold bar!


    GDD- In new music we trust!!!

  24. LadyKatie says:

    I'm going as a Double Rainbow :) Love everyone at Hard but probably most excited to see Fake Blood and Sebastian since I haven't seen them yet!

  25. Dj_Trans_217 says:

    I am going to be stormtrooper for Halloween and I'm super excited about Hard halloween and cannot wait to see A-Trak because he is my favorite dj and he really shows off his dj skills at these electronic music events and he makes some of the sickest tracks Cant Wait!!!…..FOOOOOOLS GOOOOOLD!!!!!!

  26. fre says:

    I'm going to be a beer keg and it's gonna be siiick. I got the keg down as well as helmet that's a pump. The nozzle even works! As for my to-see DJ, it's definitely Flying Lotus. His music is the shit! It's so dope and I've been hooked on his stuff ever since I heard his essential mix. I heard his live shows are a lot different than his headphone music, and I'm especially excited to see him live.

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