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This Friday in London, boy do we have one hell of a party in store. Get yourself down to East Village to catch a legendary show from Boys Noize Trax debut signing Electric Rescue, who together with Deep House sensation Maya Jane Coles, will be rockin the Village until the we hours of Saturday morning. This is our first ever event in Europe, so we’re really stoked on it. Expect set times, and a quick five with Maya Jane Coles to be posted up over the next couple of days. In the meantime, we managed to talk with the man himself Antoine Husson also known as Electric Rescue, to chat about the show this friday, Boys Noize Records and his forthcoming release on Dubfire‘s Sci+Tec label:
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GDD™: So tell us, Antoine – How did you become the first signing to Boys Noize’s new Trax label?
ER: As soon as Boys Noize started to release things, I became a fan of his sound, and so in 2006, I booked him for his first ever show in France, and since then, we’ve stayed in touch. I felt a strong connection with his music, he takes the French electro sound and keeps something very personal within it. We exchanged tracks for while, then last year he heard some of my ravey tracks as well as my real techno tunes, and he instantly proposed I release my stuff on Boys Noize Records. After reflection, he decided to create a sub division of the label, which is the newly formed Trax, as a means to push new techno.
GDD™: How did Antoine Husson become Electric Rescue?
ER: I started DJing in the 90s, under the name of D’Jedi, releasing things on various labels with a real emphasis on the 90s rave sound. In the early noughties, I wanted to develop my rave sound to fit in with the contemporary, all the while influenced by minimal and electro, and yet still retaining that original ravey touch. With the change in musical direction, I decided to change my name and so took on the name of the original parties I was organizing during the 90s: “EL.UE.” So EL-ectric Resc-UE was born. It was a tribute to the EL.UE party-goers, and because I loved that name, I decided to keep it. I think it’s also a name that really fits with my style of music!
GDD™: Growing up, who were you most influenced by?
ER: Any artists who gave me the inspiration to dream. From Depeche Mode and Radiohead, to Laurent Garnier, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin and Autechre. I’m also a big fan of Underground Resistance, Thomas P Heckmann, and of course Boys Noize, to name but a few. It’s hard to tell you in full, as I love so many different artists and genre.
GDD™: Where did you grow up in France, and how did your location influence you?
ER: I was born in Paris and lived there until 3 years ago. Now I live in the French countryside, but I still spend every weekend in Paris, to travel or to party, it’s still a big part of my life. My sound has certainly evolved with my surroundings. I always take a different musical idea, but ultimately electro and techno, house and electronica are what I make – I love the deep and banging stuff!
GDD™: In what ways is your forthcoming EP on Sci+Tec going to differ from your Ambivalent EP on Boys Noize Trax?
ER: As you can gather, I really love different kinds of techno. With the Boys Noize release, I was really able to push my banging ravey side, while on Dubfire’s Sci+Tec, the EP is going to be a deeper form of classic techno. It’ll be a bit more “clubby”, and yet still a little bit ravey! To summarize, the key difference is that the Sci+Tec release is a more percussive techno EP.
GDD™: Of the cities you’ve played so far, where in the world is your favorite?
ER: My favorite cities are Tokyo, Tel Aviv, London, Paris and of course, like everybody: Berlin and Barcelona!
GDD™: What can we be expecting from you when you storm into Londtown this Friday?
ER: I think sometimes it’s the people who show me the way, I vibe off that and then I try to show them my own personal styles. Sometimes when I feel the people really open up to my music, I become inspired to take more risks behind the decks, and propose unusual things. But if I were really pushed to describe my music, it would be “eclectic colored dancefloor techno”.
GDD™: What’s your best Halloween experience?
ER: It’s going to be this one of course! London on October 29th – Yes, I’m sure it will be the one!
On that note, be sure to check out Electric Rescue’s most recent remix on D.I.M.‘s Kleine Traume EP, which you can cop in full from Beatport:

In case you missed the event info the first time round, click here for a link to it.
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