In the scheme of moombahton things, our LA local boy and GDD crew member Dillon Francis has crossed his bass driven attack into the lower bpm grooves. His newest dominator called “Masta Blasta” is sure to exploit his hybrid takeover. The track is being released in two versions, a moombahton groove train and an uptempo dutch barrage. Also, his breakout track “Westside” has been hypnotized into a moombahton edit that’s sure to be praised by the likes of the Mad Decent fans. In fact, Diplo himself has already given Dillon praise for the new track and is playing it out in recent sets. Word has it that Dillon will be working on Mad Decent releases very soon! Uh Ohhhhhh. Scope out the two bounce heavy moombahs below (the Westside edit is downloadable!)



4 Responses to DILLON FRANCIS got tha MASTA BLASTA

  1. ick nick says:

    DAMNNN MASTA!!!!! and damnn HOPS!!!

  2. wobble says:

    i have been following Dillion Francis for some time now and i have to say i love there work! and these posts are a few of my favorite tracks! thanks for helping them out with this post! Always..

  3. Ben says:

    big ups y'all!

  4. DSCO says:

    Am I the only one who caught the nip slip farthest to the right?

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