A litte Dub for you (Borgore, Nero, Netsky and Doctor P)

What’s up dirty dancers?  My name is Travis (aka TRE) and for the most part I will be providing you with all your dubstep goodies and everything else that carries a massive and/or hectic bassline.  So I hope you kids enjoy, have a dirty Saturday night!

This is exactly what you want from Borgore. The man is like a fine wine and seems to develop more and more with every new track he puts out.  This track offers more than enough to turn the dance floor into a brutal mosh pit.  What I find particularly impressive about this track are its melodic elements.  Borgore seems to really be exploring new ground, while at the same time staying true to his evil roots—it sounds magnificent.
I’ve been listening to this monster all week and I swear it cannot be played out; Nero has done it again.  This tune is massive, heavy, catchy and perfectly balanced with a drop guaranteed to get you on your feet.  Prepare yourself for this on repeat.  Not a bad opener, either.
Here is another take on Plan B’s The Recluse, this remix is carries a much more feel good liquid funk vibe, which is always refreshing.   Netsky has been blowing up lately and this remix is a good example why.   What I personally like about this track is that the bassline has a great wobble but is not the main attribute of the track.   Seriously grab this guy cause its fire!
Can Doctor P do no wrong?  This thing is an intricate beast that will lay waste to even the most stubborn dance floors.  Like Borgore, Doctor P is certainly exploring new sounds and getting away from his signature high-pitched wobble.

*All tracks in 192 kpbs




4 Responses to A litte Dub for you (Borgore, Nero, Netsky and Doctor P)

  1. Deadringer says:

    I love this site and it's love for good music. Keep it up these nasty wobbles and I'll keep with you!

  2. EarThing says:

    y 192kbps??

    if u had the option to post 320kbps, please do that in the future.

    THank you

  3. stevie.e says:

    thanks deadringer, Tre is now on board to keep those coming for you!

    EarThing, file quality varies by the artist we're working with, if we get a cleared 320 we will always post that. often we'll post a 192 and a purchase link– we're here to promote the artists and connect you to them, not just to give their music away.

    that being said, the hype machine and SpotHeads can help you nail down tracks you can't find here, be sure to check those out.


  4. EarThing says:


    thanks for the tip.

    … i buy plenty of music on beatport btw

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