Official Betatraxx Remix Competition: Drug Abuse

To all the beat-mashing body-moving producers out there; whether you’re known or unknown, here’s your chance to remix Betatraxx’s new unreleased single “Drug Abuse.” Betatraxx has been causing quite the ruckus in both space and time, and is looking to take one lucky (or skilled) winner on the ride with. Hence, we have created a special SoundCloud page dedicated to the remix competition to upload your mixes, including all the stems, bells, and whistles (or rather moans), so you can get crackin’. I wish you all the best of luck …

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Foreword about the contest from the man himself … but still in 3rd person:

“BetatraXx is offering you the chance to remix his newest release, Drug Abuse. Simply download one or more of the stems and get working on your remix. Once you’re happy with your remix, simply upload it to the SoundCloud page and encourage your friends to vote and comment on your entry on SoundCloud. The more favorites and comments the better your chances!
From the top rated remixes BetatraXx will pick one favorite to be distributed on GottaDanceDirty™ and all of their subscribers, be considered for an official label release on Beatport, as well as have the option to open for him and another headliner (Pance Party and Valerna were the last headliners) at his next Chromatic event.”
Deadline – November 30th
And for all you simple townfolk that just like to dance dirty and get down, here’s the MP3.
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2 Responses to Official Betatraxx Remix Competition: Drug Abuse

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome track! Alyssa adds an awesome touch

  2. adam romero says:

    this track is out of its god damn mind, dont even want to see it remixed really. dope post.

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