[VIDEO] Coachella 2010 Viewed From Above

Director Sam O’Hare says:

“I wanted to portray a unique view of the incomparable Coachella experience. Following the crowds in the sunshine from arrival, camping, exploring the art in the arena, all the way through to the headliners at night, this film brings a miniature feel to this huge festival. For more information about how it was done, please see aerofilm.blogspot.com.”

Original music by Human.





3 Responses to [VIDEO] Coachella 2010 Viewed From Above

  1. Kvasy says:

    Awesome, looks like miniature models of people, absolutely fantastic.

  2. Austin Hulak says:

    that video is super dope! I saw some coachella movie on palladia a while back but that short video did a way better job of showing what coachella is!

  3. KLRFL says:

    This vid. sure is awesome, look so unreal, just like Kvasy said. In a few years I will be there and perform lol.

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