In the swing of an event filled October this year, our good friends over at ShiftyRhythms would love to invite you westside-LA dirty dancers to this months Get Shifty event, The SHIFT –happening this Wednesday night @ Main On Main. On top of it, I’ve got their buddy Korova’s remix of the Mau5’s ‘Sofi Needs A Ladder’ – currently in the runnings for the ‘Ultimate Remix Contest.’ Oh and there is an unreleased mau5 track and an epic bootleg from local hero S.Co (from 310electro) as well. Get shifty with ’em.

Download from the SOUNDCLOUD link below! (Little downwards arrow on the right hand side of the bar kids)

Calvin Harris – You Used To Hold Me ( & D’arrigo Bootleg) by

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4 Responses to THE OCTOBER SHIFT

  1. Bastille says:

    Yeah LA

  2. says:

    Yo trev! Thanks for posting my bootleg homie, got some more fresh shit for you I'm gonna send over. Whenever you can post a soundcloud player so I can rack up hits, that would be gangsta!

  3. BONES says:

    you got it bruuuuu

  4. Anonymous says:

    doesnt really sound like an unreleased track by deadmau5… check out paco di bangos world deadmau5 remix and its pretty much the same.

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