GDD™ Presents CONTROL at the Avalon w/ Drop The Lime + AutoErotique + SonicC

What a fitting party to coincide with the temperature of Southern California this week! This Friday at the Avalon, T&B posterboy Drop The Lime will be making a stop on his “HOT AS HELL” tour, which is promoting Luca’s new track being released this November on Trouble & Bass. Accompanying the heat will be two of Dim Mak‘s finest: the hard-hitting Toronto tag team known as AutoErotique and the young gun who has been stickin’ it for the past year, SonicC. Prepare to experience some serious perspiration, and leave your cleanliness at home because this week is going to be a dirty one.

Please RSVP names to JONAH@GOTTADANCEDIRTY.COM to be on our discount ticket list for the evening. All names must be submitted before 6PM on Friday.
• 21+: $10 before 1130pm
• 18+: $15 before 1130pm
Set Times:
10:30-11:30pm – Figo
11:30-12:45am – SonicC
12:45-2:00am – AutoErotique
2:00-3:30am – Drop The Lime
3:30-close – Mr. White

In the comments section, write down your name, email, and favorite CONTROL show you’ve ever been to. If you’ve never been to CONTROL, no worries. :) Winner will receive a pair of tickets to the show Friday night. I’ll announce the winner on Friday afternoon.




25 Responses to GDD™ Presents CONTROL at the Avalon w/ Drop The Lime + AutoErotique + SonicC

  1. Dalen Hughes says:

    never been, but im in loooove with drop the lime

  2. Brian P says:

    Brian Perry,, Havent been but the show i wanted to go see really bad was Major Lazor w/ Peacetreaty!

  3. angie says:

    HANDS DOWN best one of the best shows i have been to EVER was Wolfgang Gartner and Harvard Bass! squished as hell in the front, almost jizzed muh pants. worth all the sweat.

    -angie samblotte (

  4. Kellen says:

    Ive been to a lot of control's and Wolfgang/harvard bass was by far the best, craziest, most fun show ive seen there. The roof was definitely torn off that night wow. Half the place was shirtless and not able to find a place to stand before wolfgang even went on. Avalon has mad potential to show socal what the real deal is.
    -Kellen Ringen,

  5. Robert says:

    Robert Santizo-

    Rusko's first time at control was a crazy night. He blew the place down. His sounds were immense. Everyone was dancing dirty all night.

  6. Derek says:

    Best control I've been to was Rusko around a year ago. The place was absolutely PACKED! we had to wait in line forever to get in but in the end it was totally worth it. He threw down some of the grimiest dubstep I've ever heard and the vibe in the place was super good, everyone was getting down and into it.

    Derek Dellovo,

  7. Stephen says:

    Haven't had the pleasure of dancing dirty at control. But this'll be one hell of a show. Ill be sure to have my super powerful odor blocking body wash ready –> –> for 16 hours of non-stop dirt.
    -Stephen Roalf

  8. Dan Dominguez says:

    still waiting for the right show to go 😛

  9. TheDuck says:

    Andrew Sinclair, I haven't been to a CONTROL show, but Drop The Lime and AutoErotique are amazing. I need an excuse to head down to LA, free tickets would be a great one.

  10. Eugene says:

    Riva Starr no doubt. Just as good as when I saw him in his home country.

    Eugene Albert (

  11. aaron F. says:

    wanted to say thanks to the gdd crew been for ur
    work , but my most memorable night was when kissy sellout/ designer drugs got half of LA bumping and grinding then kissy's set made my face melt and somehow bring it all together for more.

    aaron fausto

  12. Colby says:

    Colby Petersen –

    Annie Mac & Riva Starr. Absolutely loved it. Doorly had some sick skills as well.

  13. Zulu! says:

    its kind of a hard decision between Oizo last october or Hatiras/Dada Life this past April. Oizo's style is different but it was prolly my favorite night as he is one of my favorite producers. -Glen Wills

  14. Dalen Hughes says:

    I commented earlier but I forgot my email address. It's

  15. Quinn says:

    My name is Quinn Powell, My favorite night at control so far had been Donald Glaude, he had me screaming and dancing my ass off! Couldn't get into see wolfgang cuz I got off of work too late :/

  16. Anonymous says:

    rusko night and before rusko came on 12th threw it down so hard the hommie were getting to rowdy he had to slow it down for the ladies cas it was gettin two nutty

  17. Anonymous says:

    rusko night and before rusko came on 12th threw it down so hard the hommie were getting to rowdy he had to slow it down for the ladies cas it was gettin two nutty

  18. eric says:

    Eric Bui,, Haven't been to a show, but my friend is getting a group of her friends together for her birthday to go there for drop the lime…and I wanna go!

  19. Dj_Trans_217 says:

    Marco Barron, The best show i've ever attended at control fridays would have to be "Concert For The Amazon", Paul Oakenfold KILLED it with Ravi Drums that night…The Crowd went crazy during his set, It was The Best show everrr!!!

  20. filthy_v says:

    My fav has to be Wolfgang gartner on Friday the 13th! :) I love control…

  21. filthy_v says:

    Oops forgot to leave my email Wolfgang! Best show ever…and I love when peacetreaty plays :)

  22. filthy_v says:

    Forgot to leave my name :/ Victor Hernandez –

  23. jonahberry says:

    ALL AMAZING ENTRIES thank you all for your response. The winner has been notified but this was so great I'll be doing it every week so keep coming back!

    Thanks for the love.

    jonah berry

  24. arthur says:

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    Los Angeles Dance School

  25. che3ire says:

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