Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 1

In preparation of our head wear collaboration, Gotta Dance Dirty has teamed up with our friends over at Ampal Creative to bring you a bi-montly collaboration of music downloads that move us.  The Ampal Creative is a cap collection inspired by Southern California Summers, long days in the sun, surf trips to baja, and warm boozy nights at the beach.  The entire collection is made in Los Angeles from premium chambrays, denims, and corduroys sourced from these parts.  It is Distinguished headwear for gentlemen of leisure and the ladies that intrigue us.  Enter the Golden state of mind.  We’re taste-makers for today’s tomorrow.

The Wave consists of hand-picked gems that inspire us, tickling and tempting our creative juices.  Some are old, some are new, but it is what we are listening to now.  They are groovey, flowing, and sun-kissed just like that perfect wave.  They are uplifting and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  They sound the best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet.  Stay Dreamy.

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 1

Aeroplane – Superstar
Miami Horror – I look to You (ft. Kimbra)
Royksopp – This Space
Human Life – In it Together (Kris Menace Remix)
Groove Armada – I Won’t Kneel (Beaumont Remix)

Coming Soon! GDD x Ampal Creative headwear, but until then, check out a rad video featuring how these caps are made!

The Ampal Creative – Made in LA from Ampal Creative on Vimeo.

If these lids are good enough for  Weezy, 12th Planet, and JFK of MSTRKRFT, id say they’re good enough for me.



8 Responses to Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 1

  1. Sam says:

    Forget about the lids, I want Keeler's t-shirt.


    Yeah GDD! Roots on reppin da AMPAL! Love the mix too, I reposted it on my new music blog: http://dssblogue.blogspot.com/. Thanks for inspiring and repping! -Surf Ambassador Hendo

  3. diehipster says:

    Best tracks posted !
    It's friday and you make me smile !
    Greetings from Biarritz, French California !

  4. digitaldragon03 says:

    Looking forward to more Waves /= Raves in the future.

  5. Anonymous says:

    wow freemason art, burn that shit

  6. dirt mcgirt says:

    anonymous, all of us in GDD are illuminati members you didn't know that?

  7. Shannon says:

    yesssss love this.. & thank you for the fresh beats daily.. can we be friends hahah

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