Nocturnal Festival 2010 Preview!


If I was obligated to do a one-word-festival-preview this would just say “INSANITY,” but fortunately for you I get to give you the real dirty dirt on what’s going down at the NOS Events Center this Saturday. Compliments of the crew over at Insomniac, this weekend’s 16th annual Nocturnal Festival is not to be missed. Even though it’s a bit off the beaten path out in San Bernardino, I for one totally love the set-up and location, and apparently so do about 40,000 others every September. The stages are set up in massive hangars, spacious tents, and something zuuper special and unique for the massive trance arena trucked in all the way from NYC.

On the grounds there is plenty of space to roam and explore and a wicked water feature that GDD™ does not condone swimming in! In addition to the top of the line production that has always been synonymous with Insomniac events, this year delivers top of the line talent across the entire spectrum of electronic music. From Steve Angello to Ferry Corsten, from JFK to ATB, to a CAN’T MISS set by Noisia, all the way to a Caspa, Benga, Skream trifecta taking place in the Sunken Garden, each stage is rife with opportunities for you to get your dirty little jig on. To get you psyched for the festival I got five essential performances for you to witness, and five crackin’ tunes to jack you up on the ride to the Events Center.
1. Dada Life
Gotta give it up for Olle and Stefan. Does anyone know how to get the party started harder than these guys? You always know what you’re gonna get when you do the DadaHOT FIRE!
2. Plump DJs
The Masters of the Breaks. Their set at Coachella two years ago was out of control. Or maybe I was out of control? Whatever. Don’t miss it.
3. Noisia
As mentioned above this trio is a must-see. Everyone who is anyone in DnB will tell you these guys are simply an elite, top notch talent. If you’re really not in to DnB, then allow them to be your introduction. If you haven’t heard their essential mix, then go hear it.
4. Steve Angello
Seen him both by himself, and as 1/3 of the Swedish House Supergang at EDC, and I think it’s safe to say he always brings the house down. Feel good tunes are guaranteed.
5. Ferry Corsten
Ferry’s set at Together As One three years ago will forever hold a special place in my heart. The man just knows how to play trance with some real energy to it. Throw in a stage/arena nearly 60ft tall with a 100,000 sq ft dancefloor + the chance to hear ‘Beautiful‘ on a proper system = something you don’t want to miss.
Honorable Mention
The Sunken Garden stage potentially going Plastician > Skream > Benga > Caspa back to back to back to back? Bassheads, make sure you take a five minute water break at least once.
And finally the tunes …
See you out there! Get your tickets HERE!
Much love,
Matt Black (& SNEEVS will be there too!)



7 Responses to Nocturnal Festival 2010 Preview!

  1. Rather Red says:

    you forgot Felguk!!!

  2. dirt mcgirt says:

    didn't forget felguk my man but those other five are my picks and i'm stickin to it. i did see felguk about a month ago and they were pretty good, subpar mixing, but lots and lots of energy for sure. and they're in the tunes!

  3. silicoswitch says:

    rave n roll link isnt working….

  4. dirt mcgirt says:


  5. Bad Fotography says:

    the rave and roll link isnt working because the label filed an "abuse complaint". which is strange right?

    i got sent this track + the press release as well for my blog and posted a relaly positive review of it up. a few hours later, received an "abuse complaint" for sharing an "illegal file"? i dont get it.

    just wondering why are they sending out a track, telling us its free and a press release to be blogged if its gonna be pulled?

    i'm both angry and honestly confused.

  6. dirt mcgirt says:

    yeah bad foto i'm really confused too. honestly i've had this track for almost two months anyways, but they sent out an entire press release and 320 download for it a week ago so … wtf?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are you SERIOUS. Skream & Benga an "honorable mention"? and not better than Plastician. Bloody terrible mate. They killed it. Srsly.

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