Think the dutch are only known for the car alarm riffs? Ahem. Guess again. Hailing from Utrecht, Netherlands comes Boemklatsch (try to say that out loud and remember playing 007 Goldeneye). They fuse electro, house, hiphop, bassline and dubby, and boy is the product a real treat. Are they new kids on the block? No sir. These boys have been throwing parties for years, Djing and having big time acts come from across the globe, and now have started their own record label. Why should you care? Because they’ve signed Mightyfools, Dem Slackers and Gtronic just to name a few. Here’s a few chunes to get you acquainted. It would be in your best interests to grab ALL of these right meow. And be on the lookout for these ruffians. Over and out.




3 Responses to BOW before BOEMKLATSCH

  1. freezy says:

    car alarm riffs – made my day

  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw them at the Berlin Festival before 2manydjs were supposed to play. They were a lot better live than any mp3 make them out to be. I'd defiantly like to see / party with them again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    lol at the goldeneye reference,i couldn't pronounce half the guns in that game

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