Raining Blood: Clouds – Liquid/Mauful Sir

If you didn’t suffer from a bass-to-the-face-induced-panic attack/blackout and actually remember listening to the Clouds remix of ‘Swagger’ I posted last week then you will be able to recall the devastation these lads can wreak on your ears. Dirty dancers beware, I have two freshly dropped BOMBS from Calum and Liam that will make your ears bleed (in the good way). Coming off Fake Blood‘s new record label Blood Music, we get two tracks the boys have been sitting on for quite some time, and the homie Philthy over at TCK decided to break the seal on ’em. I like both tracks, but play ‘Liquid’ at your own peril. If you accidentally open a hole in the space-time continuum don’t come knockin’ on my door.
Buy the tracks HERE.
Matt Black AKA The Ol’ Dirty Chinese Restaurant.

P.S. How about a lively discussion in the comments section about a) how awesome Clouds are, and b) this new ten-minute mau5step epic from Mr. Zimmerman.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Clouds are amazing. They're from my hometown. So are Alestorm.

  2. Anonymous says:

    are you serious? you're going to allude to the fact that they both formerly worked at mcdonalds only to post their tracks in a more than suitable format for the vast majority of people (aka non djs). if we want this music to continue and for people to continue to be able to actually make a living off of this rather than work at, i don't know, say, mcdonalds, then at least post snippets or soundcloud embedded songs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is a serious release.

  4. Anonymous says:

    dude, 192 blows, no one wants to listen to that, DJ or not.

  5. Anonymous says:

    They are awesome, I am also from their hometown (Perth) and it's great to see Scottish folk so local get this much exposure (yes, I know its a blog, but cmon… they are signed to FAKE BLOOD. Fake. Blood.)

  6. dirt mcgirt says:

    anon #2, the reason i posted both them in 192 is because mauful sir was up in 192 ALL DAY on another blog and as far as i was told no one asked them to take it down. you're right 192 is probably good for most people, but then again, a lot of us prefer hearing tracks as they were meant to be heard and purchase a track if someone is unwilling to release it in 320 for free.

    a lot of the money producers and DJs make isn't coming from selling tracks anymore. it's from touring relentlessly and building a respected name that when people see they are coming to their town then they immediately know where they will be that night.

    this blogs goal from the beginning has been to bring the best and dirtiest music to your ears, all while helping to promote artists we like and help their careers. if they had a problem with it we'd probably be asked to take it down. at this point i think all the exposure they can get is paramount because they have the talent (obviously) to be a premiere name in the industry, and i think we're helping a little bit to showcase that talent to the world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    can i get a new link for the Liquid track?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Raise your weapon is not working!!! please, new link, i really want to see if Joel has redeemed himself at the tempo of 140!!!

  9. dirt mcgirt says:

    so we took down the clouds links and linked to their soundcloud but raise your weapon is back up! i know most of you can spare two dollars and go buy those tracks so get on it!

  10. Nicky Steez says:

    Raise your weapon isn't working for me either. when you click the mediafire link, it just reopens the mediafire page. however the mp3 never shows up in the downloads box!!! gahhh anyone know what im doing wrong? i am on Mac.

  11. dirt mcgirt says:

    don't really know how to help you nicky it's working for us over here still. try clicking the • in front of the track. it's an alternate link.

  12. RIP_KING says:

    the "dubstep" portion (if you can call it that) of mau5' raise your weapon is poisonous to my ears. I'm a big dubstep fan (p.s. post more dubstep on here!) and it's just completely horrible. Am I the only one that thinks he did it as a joke since he always bashes on dubstep?

  13. Anonymous says:

    kinda silly to say "support them" and post a 192 full version of the track… they only post previews of their songs for a reason. your idea of support is very skewed.

  14. Sir Real says:

    Anonymouses, stop being an idiot he already explained himself. The least you could do is offer a counter argument.

    Mau5tep is among the only dubstep i will listen to, and I personally hate the fucker. Its so dirty in an innovative, almost progressive way, but maintains the wobble… Producer of the decade.

  15. Kevin says:

    I want to see a music vid for this new Raise Your Weapon

  16. pHiLthy says:

    Unfortunately posting only Soundcloud streams and snippets means that people can only listen to the new artist at his/her computer. That's not how effective consumerism works with the music industry.

    The fact of the matter is that people spend most of their time NOT blogging music i.e. in their cars, exercising, around the house, places other than in front of the computer screen.

    Being able to put the track on an ipod, a cd, etc. let's the consumer enjoy the track in places other than in front of the screen. In turn, that consumer becomes a fan of the artist(s) and then follows the artist and eventuallypays to attend his/her shows and in turn buy his/her productions.

    How do I know this? Because its exactly what I do and I'm the average consumer. If anyone here saw my Beatport balance to this day you quite possibly might shit yourselves.

    If it was just Soundcloud snippets, people would give it one listen and go "Oh that was pretty cool I guess, on to the next post."

  17. pHiLthy says:

    The days of hearing WORLD PREMIERES on MTV's TRL and going to Tower Records to by the new Eminem cd are over.

    Fact: The main way in which electronic music is discovered in this day & age is blogs.Period. If it weren't for blogs, MANY of the artists out there would still be unrecognized.

    I'm sorry FAKE BLOOD but you really can't expect people to spend $2.49 on a song from an artist people have barely heard about (Clouds). As if people are really going to give it one Soundclouds listen and go "Fuck,that was amazing, where's my credit card so I can spend $5.00 on their songs now." Come on guys, let's be realistic.

  18. dirt mcgirt says:

    building on philthy's comments that is almost my exact thought process. when i'm playing a song in the car while driving friends around and they say 'holy shit what is this!' then they just made one more fan. not a lot of people sit at my desk with me preview soundcloud snippets. i wanted thousands of people to get these tracks so they could play them thousands of times and have hundreds of friends ask them what they are. that's how you build a fanbase in my opinion, by exponentially making friends not only through having the tracks available for download online, but word of mouth as well. over the last few years with the blog scene i think thats a tried and true formula for up and comers.

  19. dirt mcgirt says:

    and yeah 192 was a little excessive but it was already up in 192 elsewhere (and had been all day). FB said 128 would be fine, but trying to show the utmost courtesy for someone everyone obviously has the utmost respect for i just put up the soundcloud links instead.

  20. rali says:

    there is a rock band called clouds so i wonder how that will go over. must say this is some pretty crazy shit tho.

  21. Anonymous says:

    All this 192 debate aside…amazing tracks. Thanks for introducing me to them.

  22. optimuscrime says:

    dirt mcgirt:
    i realize that you are trying to get the music to as many people as possible, but you are not supporting artists by giving out their music for free the day it comes out, especially without their permission. you want to support an artist? don't give anything out without asking them first.

    unless you work at a record label its a bit arrogant to think you understand how the music business works. since these boys probably won't be coming to play in the US for a while (if they even get that far), how are you supposedly supporting them by downloading their music for free and being a "fan". these guys, like all serious musicians, spends thousands of dollars on audio equipment to make that track you want to have for free. the least you could do is give them $2.49. you sound like a stingy prat trying to justify giving away other peoples music for free.

  23. pHiLthy says:

    It isn't entirely Clouds thats pissed about the songs being given away, its Fake Blood because its his new label. He signed them, so naturally, his mentality at the time was "i'll make profit off these guys buy putting them on my label. People know who I am so they'll listen to me. I promote Clouds, Clouds gives me a cut, everyone wins"

    Well sorry, but all the blogs are doing the promoting, not Fake Blood. And guess what? We're doing it for no return. Destroy every blog like GDD to date and let's see how fast Clouds gets famous, if ever. I ask you, what gets more views and attention, Fake Blood's tweet about Clouds or GDD's proper Clouds post? No Brainer.

    Up & Coming artists should be thankful they make it to a blog like GDD. I understand new artists put their blood, sweat & tears into their tracks including the purchasing of equipment and what not, but just because other kids put tons of hard work and thousands of $$ into getting a college degree, doesn't mean they expect to be making as much as everyone else in the working world right when they graduate. Two years out of school with an engineering degree and I'm still making peanuts. I may feel just as "robbed" as they do but I'm not bitching about it. Us blogs are trying to help them make a name for themselves and get them to where they should be, not fuck them over. It takes time.

    The whole feeling bad for them working at McDonalds thing needs to end. There is no shame in working at a fast-food joint at that age. Grown adults still work there and raise family's off McDonalds paychecks.

    And OptimusCrime, relatively LARGE fractions of my paychecks go to Beatport and McDonalds Sausage burritos every week so watch it.

  24. dirt mcgirt says:

    i'm thankful up and coming artists make good music for us to post. in the long run these kids are gonna make a lot of money and anyone who thinks their overall career salary will be less because under a thousand people downloaded their first two releases ever off of this site in less than optimal quality over the course of a few hours doesn't know how the music business works. and yeah i did buy these songs, thanks.

    /unnecessary self-defense

  25. optimuscrime says:

    philthy i don't care how much you spend on music, its giving out someone else for free that is wrong. just because you buy it doesn't mean you bought distribution rights to give it out for free. i really don't get why you think you are doing them a favor giving out their song for free.

    ^^ read about how people actually make a name for themselves and make money off of their passion. i think you'll see nowhere in there was a reference to "releasing the track for free on blogs".

    and once again, why are you even giving out this music if you didn't even try to contact the artist and ask for permission?

  26. pHiLthy says:

    We're obviously going in circles here so I ask a simple favor of you: stop checking the blogs if you don't agree with their ways.

    And perhaps you can come up with a bulletproof way for Beatport and other online music distributors to password protect all their songs so only the computer they're purchased on can use them.

    Be the hero Optimus.

  27. pHiLthy says:

    I'd also like everyone to take note of a certain blog out there that just posted an interview with Clouds today.

    3 posts below the interview is Clouds' "Liquid" in 192k.

    The irony.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Clouds, Dirty Chinese Restaurants, and McDonalds Sausage Burritos…my kind of good time

  29. optimuscrime says:

    i'm done ranting. just pissed me off. i would complain on your blog and dsco's but you guys don't get nearly the traffic this place sees, so might as well pick and choose my battles, as fruitless as this one was…

  30. pHiLthy says:

    Proceed to Erol forum for topic continuation

  31. DSCO says:

    Here's a recent interview I did with Clouds. They are quite the characters and I believe my interview illustrates that very well. They have big things ahead of them.


  32. DSCO says:

    Oh, and I agree with philthy 100%.

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