The Dirt: September 10, 2010 featuring Duck Sauce, Boy 8-Bit, Tiga, Shinichi Osawa & Boys Noize

The Dirt #11 cannot be contained by a mere eleven tracks! I’ll refrain from making any Dirt[y] dozen jokes (very hard not to, mind you) and I’ll say no more, get your grimey little ears on it.

.zip file (all 12 tracks)

• Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand (Original Mix) (link removed by request)
Boy 8-Bit – Yard Birds √+ topping my list for a few weeks now.
LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change (Tiga Remix)
Visti & Meyland – Yes Maam (All Nite Long) (Trentemøller Remix) (√+)
Shinichi Osawa – Singapore Swing feat. Paul Chambers
Retro/Grade – Pulsar (12 Inch Version) √+ erol and alex ridha like it
Major Lazer – Bruk Out (Buraka Som Sistema Mix)
Gregor Salto feat. Helena Mendes – Mas Que Nada (Hardwell & Rehab Remix)
Teenage Bad Girl – Tonton Funk (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
Reekay Garcia – Back To The Beat (Riva Starr Remix)
Boys Noize – 1010 (128 kbps) do I even need to put a √+ here?
Skream – The Epic Last Song just beat this, feeling jubilant; my current drive home song.

The Dirt is our weekly wrapup of our favorites for this week, ready to burn to CD and accompany you on your (very imminent) weekend voyages into unseen new dimensions of party. We give you a blend of the big tunes we’re digging and playing out as well as a few secret weapons and classics we’ve dug out of the exclusive GDD stash for you, zipped for your convenience. Our way of saying thanks for being with us this week and our very best to your weekend. The Dirt is available for you to repost to your blog, website or publication and is currently being guestposted on a number of other publications including and SlothBoogie. Email stevie [at] and we’ll add you to the partnered blogs list and set you up with the full, ready to repost package.

Last week’s Dirt:

The Dirt: September 3, 2010 featuring Boys Noize, Deadmau5 + Wolfgang Gartner, Mumbai Science and KRUSHA

Still sneevin’ after all this dirt,

ps: If you somehow need more music to tide you over for the weekend, check out the MediaFire song finder I put together at For example: you type in “boys noize – yeah”, click search, fabulous MediaFire links to download present themselves, you wrap your ears around some chunage. It was utilized extensively in the last couple hours for tracking tracks down, let me know what you guys think.



7 Responses to The Dirt: September 10, 2010 featuring Duck Sauce, Boy 8-Bit, Tiga, Shinichi Osawa & Boys Noize

  1. Tron Jeremy™ says:

    Uhh is that a man?

  2. stevie.e says:

    oh dude gross I think it is actually. THIS WEEK IN GDD: THE DIRT DIGS UP CONTROVERSY. TRON JEREMY STILL "WOULD."

  3. stevie.e says:

    also, props to aRod for making a dirt[y] dozen joke. props to pHiL from TechnoColorKids for calling singapore swing like two months ago.

  4. Holy Mountain says:

    thats so san francisco to be into a tranny. man san fran is rubbin off on ya cam

  5. Hoax says:

    The boi H8 byte link is no good? Tried a few times.

  6. stevie.e says:

    sorry about that Hoax, it looks fine on our end so it should be working. not sure what happened when you tried but I just tested it so please give it another shot.

  7. Hoax says:

    Yah jus tried it again, she works. musta been the shit uni wifi.

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