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Guided by the ruling hand of the GottaDanceDirty™ Pharaoh, we at GDD™ have certain guidelines in which we are to follow. One major rule handed down to us by the Pharaoh is to limit the generic “hey, here’s my top tunes of the week” posts***. BUT…I haven’t posted for a bit, so I’m doing what I gotta do – a “top tunes” post. Let’s hope my punishment is light.

First off, do yourself a super solid and check out Robots With Rayguns on Soundcloud (and peep Binary’s choice write up on RWR). Robots With Rayguns are giving away their entire album for free! That rules on many levels. For some new wave+electro+spacepop domination, go grab ‘Electro Isn’t Dead’ off Soundcloud RIGHT MEOW!

Electro Isn’t Dead by Robots With Rayguns

And secondly, some stuff I’ve been hoarding (been busy working on a new Fall Mix!):

Aeroplane – Superstar (The Krays Remix)

Friendly Fires – Strangelove (Depeche Mode Cover)

GRUM – Through The Night (The Swiss Remix)

Maximum Balloon – Groove Me (Alex Metric Remix)


***The Dirt not included :]



6 Responses to Robots n’ Stuff

  1. stevie.e says:

    wtf top tunes posts rule, more plz.

  2. GUNNER BASS says:

    the perspective in that picture up there is really trippy. the kid in the middle is a fucking giant.

    i want to go to your party but i'm afraid i'm too old. like 106 y/o old. still love your site though.

  3. aRod says:

    aw ewaldsteven, i didn't mean to Dirt your feelings. everyone knows The Dirt is the bombest weekly top tunes post the internets has to offer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    T-minus 1 day before Krays remix gets removed.

  5. stevie.e says:

    haha aRod <3.

  6. Anonymous says:

    aRod you dirty dog you. How you got that Krays remix before its release date I have no idea.

    But now I do know why they pay you the big bucks.


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