T-G-I-Wednesday? You better believe it. Before me I have three new cuts from some stellar producers on the rise, showcasing their skills of putting tracks together with the creativity of sampling and tricky ass editing. Mind you, they’re are plenty out there doing it and doing it well, but these are a few great examples at why there is no damn limit to how weird you can get with the production of things. All these better be in your downloads people. For serious.
Incredible collab from two of the dirtiest doing it today. The midget-tech is here to stay!
Douster is a stand-alone wizard. This new remix of Bobmo’s ‘Bring It’ EP proves his killer individuality. Don’t sleep on this one or any of his productions this year.
Fresh off the AvS Magic Fountain EP, Nadastrom’s new vocal cutting gem finally drops and the outcome is house party ready! Very groovin track.




3 Responses to SAMPLE, EDIT, CUT,PASTE, WIN.

  1. Anonymous says:

    the bombo link seems to be broken

  2. BONES says:

    weird, fixed it!

  3. anna says:

    lovin the fidgety track "do it." I would fully support more fidget house on GDD.

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